See experts “increasing threat” cyber attacks

See experts'zunehmende bedrohungslage' durch cyberangriffe'zunehmende bedrohungslage' durch cyberangriffe

The criminal sneaks over the network – and also scare in the middle of the pandemic before the implementation of your home-style plan. "Production plants had to be shut down due to the errreng", says steffen zimmermann. It is not possible to extinguish that the consequences of the attack maybe "until in covid-19 supply chains".

Urgency not yet everywhere

What the end of marz happened to the french pharmaceutical company pierre fabre, the head of the competence center industrial security at the mechanical engineering association vdma in frankfurt is still driving around. After a hacker attack on the factory-it, it came to delays in tightly clocked processes, also damages claims were caused. And that’s just in an industry that goes to the further occasion of the corona crisis just under full load ride.

Whether in medicine, caravans or in other industrial operations: not only the buro software on the computers of employees, but also the complex control of entire machine parks is vulnerable to cyberbuberfliffs. Still, serious forcales are in the increasingly networking "internet of things" relatively rare with digitally communicating plants, zimmermann reports – see examples such as multiple attack on thyssenkrupp. But the danger rises. Some companies have to take care of the urgency.

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Player graphics cards: geforce rtx 3080 ti and rtx 3070 ti in the starting poses

Player graphics Cards: GeForce RTX 3080 Ti and RTX 3070 Ti in the starting poses

According to numerous frames over shifts, nvidia’s geforce rtx 3080 ti is to appear in june 2021. The envision is therefore shortly before the start of the virtual hardware fair computex 2021 on 29. May, whereupon reviews and the sale follow. In parallel, the geforce rtx 3070 ti could appear.

The geforce rtx 3080 ti is ranked with 10.240 shader cores hardly slower than the top model geforce rtx 3090, but should be equipped with 12 instead of 24 gdr6x memory. This underpin images of an alleged geforce rtx 3080 ti suprim x from msi, which is already sold in the united arab emirates according to a reddit post.

Manufacturer’s instructions

Msi has shown the graphics card category geforce rtx 3080 ti in the meantime on its own website, but now removed. Videocardz shows an allegedly from msi present presentation, which both the geforce rtx 3080 ti as well as the geforce rtx 3070 ti. The website also comes from the booking date at the end of may – previously, the month’s center was the question.

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Deprude by monitoring cameras and connection data

The police believe in the trail of the "masterminds" being to be, the successes of the british police also drove to demands for more monitoring in germany

The european justice and ministers of interior decided yesterday at the special session convened by her colleague charles clarke to adopt a decision in autumn, according to the translating and localization data, which are incurred in telephone, mobile and internet use, may at least six months, maybe but also for years to save. The successes of the british police, via monitoring cameras and stored connection data to have found the muteaffective tatters of london connection and one of their behind manners, are now exploited to enforce the long-planned monitoring measures. The eu commissioner franco frattini also took this as the reason to ride the member standards, which have not yet implemented the previously decided measures. However, the eu parliament had pronounced against storage of the connection data, which will cost significant costs in a high number of billion euros.

It was, according to charles clarke accusingly before the eu parliament, just "a human right to drive in the subway in london on a thursday morning, without being torn from a bomb". Of course, clarke is also a clarke that the risk is still weakening to become victims of a terrorist attack, considering other risks, for example to become a victim of a traffic accident on the way to work. And the question is also whether a year long storage of the telephone and internet data of all people who live in the eu could prevent a stop, even if such can be easily clarified after his execution, and of course the tatters will be organized differently if this is a big role in suicide wastes, which occur only once as a tatter.

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Suzuki launches special model swift gs

Suzuki launches special model swift gs

Bensheim, 1st. October 2008 – the swift is suzuki’s best-selling model in germany. In order to crank up the absaz further, the japanese are now bringing a new special model onto the market with the swift gs. The car is only available in the color supreme red pearl metallic and lures with extensive special equipment. In addition, the japanese stop under the action "style your swift" individual decors and a new selection of aluminum rims are available for different variants of the small car.

Roof spoiler and sports seats

The swift gs is based on the three-door comfort version with 1.3 liters of displacement and 92 hp. As standard, the special model is equipped with an automatic air conditioning with pollen filter, two-tone sports seats in black and anthracite and a leather switch cuff with white seams. The swift gs differs from the standard model with a roof spoiler and an exhaust cover. Further equipment features from the swift sport such as a leather steering wheel and a radio cover complete the range. The limited swift gs is now available for 14.900 euros available. According to suzuki, this results in a price advantage of 500 euros compared to an equally equipped series swift.

Decor variants and aluminum rims

With the action "style your swift" customers can also give their small car an individual touch. Four decor variants and six different aluminum rims or complete aluminum wheels are available. These can be individually combined with spoilers. Depending on the decor, the new styling is available for 149 or 199 euros plus the cost of gluing the vehicle. The decors are suitable for all models from model year 2008 except for the swift sport. The prices for the rims are between 128 and 335 euros. For the spoiler between 85 and 144 euros plus assembly and painting are due. The action "style your swift" lasts until 31. December 2008.

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Robotechnology: soft robot plant

Robotechnology: soft robot plant

In the development of robots, engineers can often be inspired by biological models. Mostly orient yourself to animals such as insects, snakes or fish. But also plants can provide valuable suggestions. Thus, researchers of stanford university have developed the wine robot whose locomotion is the growth of a grapevine, but is much faster.

Also on slippery surfaces

Like margaret m. Coad in its presentation in the context of the robotic conference icra, this robot consists of a base station in which a coil is rolled up in a folded hose made of soft plastic. When unwinding this hose, his heart is folded to the ax, so that he is peeping at the top stucco for stucco. Because the hose himself, similarly a plant root, do not move relative to his environment, also love slippery or sticky surfaces smoothly overweight, says coad. The direction love themselves with a special joystick, whose shape of the hose is modeled.

There have been several feasibility studies for navigation and exploration tasks for this technological approach so far, says cad. In addition, the 2018 wine robot in the soft robot navigation competition among seven participants as the only one in the first attempt has been forced all four tasks: he found the way through loosely set cones without being knocked out, wooded stairs, tight flowers and a sandbox.

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Prisoner is camphor: kurds experts

Prisoner IS Camphor: Kurds experts

Warehouse al-hol, where children are also housed with german stateburgerschaft. Image (october 2019): voa / common-free

Even in the early year, they should start in northeast, whether germans or other governments participate. An internationally supported tribunal ware of the kurdish self-government but mostly

The problem of is prisoners in northeastern syria has not disappeared, even if they are out of the headlines first. As is known, there are a lot of is-camphor andanhangers with european state burners. But the european countries as well as germany are not awarded that they took up their state burgers who have joined the is and their children without themselves. They can be time, decide on case to fall.

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New battery type: 0 to 80 percent in 5 minutes

New battery type: 0 to 80 percent in 5 minutes

Plane for electric sports cars with breathtaking performance data is now almost nothing more. With his study mark zero, the swiss-german start-up piech automotive at the geneva motor show in this marz still provided for a view. For the co-urban anton piech is not only one of the many sons of the fruheren vw chief ferdinand piech, his car should also bring a technological breakthrough: a battery that can be loaded into 80 percent within less than 5 minutes, not even expensive must be cooked. In the interview with technology review online betrayal klaus schmidt, development chief at piech automotive, more about the ambitious tarpaulin.

Tr: has at the geneva motor show piano automotive the studio mark zero presented. How was the resonance?

Klaus schmidt: the resonance was very excellent, many interested parties wanted to sign a purchase contract immediately. The design obviously hit the taste of the visitor. In addition, the loading technology has led to coarse astonishment and many questions – rightly, we are not the first to promise the fast shop.

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Scrappage scheme portal: authorities promise improvements

Scrappage scheme portal: authorities promise improvements

Hanover. March 2009 – following the ongoing access problems and the data protection glitches in the online reservation for the car scrappage scheme that became known yesterday, the responsible federal office of economics and export control (bafa) and the service provider it has commissioned arago – institute for complex data management ag for improvement. Although there is no official confirmation that the newly established website is hosted by arago, the ip address space under which the url www.Ump.Bafa.De can be reached, is reserved for the company from frankfurt am main.

Burger data encrypted in the future

In an interview with heise autos, holger beutel, a spokesman for the authorities, announced that it is expected that the encrypted transmission will be discontinued in the course of wednesday, april 1.¬†April, the encrypted transmission of the applicants’ data will be implemented. Numerous applicants had complained that their personal and car data had not been encrypted up to now. The question of data encryption is new in the development of the application "ump new" bafa today admits that the ie of data encryption was simply overlooked. In total, the agency had only about ten calendar days to develop an application process that takes into account the change in award conditions decided by the federal government. Since 30. March, a purchase contract or a binding order for a new car is sufficient to qualify for a scrapping bonus of 2,500 euros. Originally, the bonus could only be claimed by those who had registered their new car – buyers of cars with a delivery period therefore felt at a disadvantage.

Online procedure without alternative due to flood of applications

The online procedure was developed at the request of the authorities, their spokesperson explained further: "because of the original cap of 600.000 premiums in the order in which applications were submitted, it was necessary to determine the order in which applications were received down to the second. The expected wave of ump-neu applications from people who already had their purchase contract in their pocket as of the 30. However, the bafa’s capacity in terms of personnel and space had been exceeded by the time it was able to process the scrappage scheme on paper in march.

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Microsoft azure integrated couchbase cloud

Microsoft Azure integrated CouchBase Cloud

For the first time, couchbase cloud is available on azure. It is the managed service version of the multi-cloud-to edge-nosql database couchbase server. It depends on a memory first architecture with sql friendly query language. In addition, couchbase cloud robust sdks for developers and is schematic json format, which allows easier to scale.

According to the manufacturer, the combination of couchbase server and the integration on the in-virtual private cloud (vpc) of microsoft azure reduces the costs associated with traditional deployments, without restrictings in the control and security of the data. With the help of the integrated user interface ("single pane of glass") for multicloud management and cross-datacenter replication, multi-clusters can be managed across different cloud regions.

Billing after use

Couchbase cloud is available in different licensing models. Users can, for example, between commitment billing or prepayment without monthly limits elections. For iaas subscriptions (infrastructure-as-a-service) there are no restrictions according to couchbase. The use can be configured and impaired according to the customer’s development, test and operating requirements.

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Electric cars: toyota shows more concept i studies

Electric cars: toyota shows more concept i studies

Toyota wants to show two more electric car studies of its series concept-i at the automess tokyo motor show 2017, which runs at the end of october, as well as an electric scooter reminiscent of the segway. As already in the concept i car shown in january 2017, the ces should also be used in the new artificial intelligence. She should take care of the car detecting the passengers and self-standing after their wishes, toyota shares with.

Car stimulates drivers

As with show cars of this kind you will probably never be on the strain. However, technique that is installed in them should be tested in other vehicles from the year 2020, for example, furs autonomous driving.

In which with 4.51 m long, 1.83 m wide and 1.475 m highly large new study car can take four people. The car should recognize situations in which it was necessary to take the control in the face of the driver’s condition, toyota writes. Also, the car will stimulate the fun senses of the driver, for example if he shows the evaluation phenomena.

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