“Transform spain into a holle”

During the managing government in spain claims that the wireholders of the massacre of 11. Marz to have in madrid, threatens al-qaeda with new work. The spanish population is unsettled

Al qaeda has turned to the right-wing radical spanish newspaper abc and threatens to "spain in a holle" transform. New connecting will give it if the country is not "reat immediately from iraq and afghanistan". The fax of abc was written in arabic and is considered genuine. It was signed by abu dujan al afgani on behalf of al-qaida on a video to the massacre in madrid on 11. Marz has known. The ceasefire, the ansar al-qaeda after the election victory of the socialists on the 15th. Marz had been pronounced, the organization is back and gives the government time to the 14th. To deduct the troops from iraq.

At the weekend, iraq came to violent mass demonstrations of appendages of the shiite manner muktada al-sadr in baghdad, kufa and nadschaft. Sadr’s militia had a barrack of occupation forces in nadschaf. Spanish soldiers tied over 20 iraqis and injured a few hundred. That brought the spaniards into sight and the atmosphere further fueled. Us troops have now put the city closed under the state of exception. An arrest warrant was ied against sadr.

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Just under a billion debt for students

Just under a billion debt for students

Image: tim gouw / unsplash

Less jobs through the corona crisis, expensive rents, emergency loans. "New normal": the financial strength of the parents decides again with the training

The young ones get many promceeding in corona media reporting. Not only in germany, even in french media, is much of the recipient of the sub-traditional -0s the speech, which is allegedly more important than compliance with the behavioral rules for the occasion of the epidemic. As if she had nothing to fear.

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Part time: 2.6 million sub-divisions want to work more

And 1.2 million purchased full-time want to reduce their working time

The topics that have not developed a rough traction in the election campaign or at least hardly perceptibly addressed, a gap, which is frequent in everyday life reality: those who have a full-time job, tell them the job "fry", that they find hardly more time and strength for a lives outside the professional modes because of the many overtime hours, meet with friends, for example.

Others say they were glad if they did not just have part-time jobs. A just division of this wish will take place in ideas that are rather rapidly waved as in the face of existing conditions in the labor market unrealizable utopia.

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For a new ground ethics

For a new ground ethics

Image: agroscope, / gabriela braendle / cc by-nd-2.0

Every day more than 100 billboard fields of floor flat are included in germany. In the last 30 years we have already lost a quarter of all soil in this country. A comment

Every year, about ten million hectares of arable flax are lost every year. The process is currently running: more and more people, but less and less fertile soil. Therefore therefore the dramatic species dies. And today, 800 million people are starving. In 50 years we will be about 11 billion people against 7.7 billion today. How do we want to renew more people with less and less ground??

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Office 365 now is called microsoft 365

Office 365 now is called Microsoft 365

Microsoft has scanned some innovations around ms office, which mainly affect private users.

From the 21. April will become the private customer subscription office 365 staff (1 user) and office 365 home (up to 6 users) by two new abomodels. Microsoft 365 single and microsoft 365 family and cost the same as their processes, ie 69 euros a year for the single version and 99 euros per year for the family version. Existing subscriptions are automatically converted.

To the office programs and services contained so far (z.B. Onedrive) now come a specially designed version of the communication program team and a package called "family safety" added. The latter contains, above all, a number of functions, which, for example, should control and control the computer, smartphone and internet use of the offspring. Guarded the screen time on android and windows advised and the xbox, lists the useful life of apps such as netflix, games, social media and messenger programs and allow the white and blacklisting of websites.

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Electrical recycling makes problems

Electrical recycling makes problems

Graphic: tp

Electrical and electronic devices can be returned for many years to the public recyclinghofs – since now there is also the possibility to bring back these devices in a single trade

The waste management goals in germany are: avoid reuse, recycling. However, the first two goals are achieved in practice only against coarse resistance. Manufacturers selling particularly long-lasting products, with the system-related disadvantage, to fight that their products are widely heavier than the cheap competitors. Therefore, corresponding high costs for securing the recycling, even if these products are not recycled due to their value and longevity.

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Canadian court to huawei financial chef: fraud is also illegal in canada

Canadian court to Huawei Financial Chef: Fraud is also illegal in Canada

Huawei-finanzkefin meng wanzhou continues to threaten the delivery of canada to the united states. The manager had argued that the behavior accused by the united states is not punishable under canadian law, which is why a delivery was inadequate. Wanzhou was so victorious that she had already made cheers in the stages of the court building in vancouver at the weekend. But the bill was not on: fraud is also prohibited in canada.

This is the tenor of the decision of the province supreme court of the province of british columbia. The us is throwing wanzhou, to have made untrue to iran’s business of their group opposite four banks, to deal with the us trade embargo against iran. Canada does not support this trade embargo. But that does nothing to the court: kern of reproaches are deliberately false information against the banks, which is also banned in canada – not the motive for such fraud.

This will make the decision whether wanzhou is delivered even more long ago. The woman ares her innocence. She is the oldest daughter of huawei-grunder ren zhengfei. On the 1. December 2018 she had been arrested at the vancouver airport. After depositing a deposit, she was released with an electronic bottle. Since then she lives with her mother and private security service in two rough estates in vancouver.

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Macos big sur: software updates should be thwarted

Macos Big Sur: Software updates should be thwarted

Apple has made amendments in big sur alias macos 11, which should significantly accelerate the update of operating system components. As the group says in its preview of the new central mac software, after the upgrade on macos 11 new updates are played partly in the background in the background. These were thereby also finished faster. "It’s easier than ever to keep your mac up to date and safe", praises apple himself.

Updates are often avoided

So far, you have to set up as apple users to wait for several minutes as soon as operating system or security updates are recorded – partially requires the complete process depending on the machine 15 minutes and more. The mac is completely blocked during this time and the user sees only based on a progress bar on a black background, which just happens. Particularly long lasting firmware updates of the efi or the integrated safety chip – here are several reboots necessary.

Some users tend to lift them due to the slow updates, and thus to leave their computers with safety swallowing in production plant – something that apple is looking for the update acceleration to avoid art. Exact technical details have not yet been mentioned yet – as macos big sur is currently only in the first beta, which apple has not missed any update yet, the superpendent updating process could not be observed live yet.

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Vmware brings vrealize automation cloud to europe

VMware brings VREALIZE Automation Cloud to Europe

According to locations in the us, australia and singapore for the american and asian market, vmware is now targeting europe: in a press release announced the virtualizer, its automation service vreealize automation cloud now in frankfurt, the "geographic and oconomic center of europe", to host.

Developer and users should be able to access resources faster and easier to access resources, even because data latency and connectivity ies could be minimized. With the vrealize automation cloud, however, a consistent operating model with uniform guidelines over clouds can be enforced, a service level agreement maintained administrators a high availability and more security.

The new location brings it with itself that the data of european customers do not leave europe. With the benefits of vrealize automation cloud, companies in europe involve data protection, data sovereignty and other legal requirements. In addition, vmware makes all the terms of use, security and compliance certifications publicly, determines which data collects it and what happens to them.

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Copy clipboard: ios user sued linkedin

Copy clipboard: iOS user sued LinkedIn

A first app manufacturer gets legal inventor in the united states because he had often accessed the clipboard under ios and ipados without demand by the user. A new security feature in the coming iphone operating system ios 14, which is currently in a beta test phase, had the behavior of the "clipboard espionage" in the application of the popular career network linkedin uncovered – as well as in the apps of various other manufacturers.

Linkedin does not want to have copied anything

Linkedin, which goes to microsoft, gave it, they are dealing with "an error" in the app. Previously, users had discovered that the app seems to be capable of each individual character entered, which was entered and at least potentially transferred. A linkedin-viceprasident wrote on twitter, you have the problem on one "code path" returned, the one "equality comparison between the contents of the clipboard and the currently typed content of a text box" make up. You save or transfer the clipboard content but not.

The linkedin user adam bauer from new york is not enough this explanation. He immediately filed a lawsuit against linkedin at the federal court in san francisco, because the app potentially read sensitive content from the clipboard and merely "misappropriated" have. The lawsuit explicitly speaks of a combined macos and ios or ipados function, the so-called universal clipboard. If this is active, content of the clipboard from mac will also transfer to iphone and / or ipad and vice versa. Accordingly, potentially had already landed mac inputs on linkedin.

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