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Deprude by monitoring cameras and connection data

The police believe in the trail of the "masterminds" being to be, the successes of the british police also drove to demands for more monitoring in germany

The european justice and ministers of interior decided yesterday at the special session convened by her colleague charles clarke to adopt a decision in autumn, according to the translating and localization data, which are incurred in telephone, mobile and internet use, may at least six months, maybe but also for years to save. The successes of the british police, via monitoring cameras and stored connection data to have found the muteaffective tatters of london connection and one of their behind manners, are now exploited to enforce the long-planned monitoring measures. The eu commissioner franco frattini also took this as the reason to ride the member standards, which have not yet implemented the previously decided measures. However, the eu parliament had pronounced against storage of the connection data, which will cost significant costs in a high number of billion euros.

It was, according to charles clarke accusingly before the eu parliament, just "a human right to drive in the subway in london on a thursday morning, without being torn from a bomb". Of course, clarke is also a clarke that the risk is still weakening to become victims of a terrorist attack, considering other risks, for example to become a victim of a traffic accident on the way to work. And the question is also whether a year long storage of the telephone and internet data of all people who live in the eu could prevent a stop, even if such can be easily clarified after his execution, and of course the tatters will be organized differently if this is a big role in suicide wastes, which occur only once as a tatter.

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Countdown for military strike against assad regime

Meanwhile, it seems to be clear that the us and france will export a military slope despite all concerns

After the british government will no longer participate in the planned penalization against the assad regime after the parliament’s decision, the coalition of the willing is very shrunk. Only saudi arabia and turkey have so far behind the action, but above all france, where the socialist prasident holland does not even have to question parliament. Us prassident obama seems to be charged, regardless of the result of un inspection and also without a un mandate a short military bombing of goals of the assad regime. In the woman’s house obviously one obviously a face loss and says, as a superpower also intervene alone. Nato general secretar rasmussen stated yesterday that nato is not available.

Countdown for military strike against Assad regime

Us prasident obama discusses on 30. August the location in syria in the wife house. Image: weibe’s house

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A european echelon?

According to the terrorism of the 11.9. If echelon or us economic espionage is no longer an ie, a member of the echelon committee of the european parliament insists on the protection of fundamental rights and also sees no solution in the clasp

The donance committee on the echelon system of the european parliament had submitted its final report in july. And the european parliament has on 5. September with gross majority, the report adopted – just in time one liked to say. At that time, the world saw what the relationship of europe is concerned with the us and the perspective on intelligence and monitoring, in fact a little different (echelon committee adopted recommendations).

After the striking of the 11.9. Have many states if they did not have appropriate regulations anyway, anti-terroral packages whose component is also the expansion of surveillance powers through the intelligence services. Although the intelligence services have failed with regard to the pravention of terrorism, they have often been considered as a crucial weapon against terrorism that they have to expand. In the same train, the rights of the burgers were braced, as security is apparently only by waiving privacy and freedoms to buy.

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