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The militar and the millenium bug

According to a report of the "halifax chronicle herald" will the canadian militar really look for the date change. "Militar operations will have a significant influence", from this william legue, commander and logistics officer of the canadian greenwood base is convinced. The base does not just want to buy new rough generators and feature buildings as emergencies, but also test alternative communication systems, drove emergency posts and create notrations. In addition, a holiday lock was previewed. Individual relocates of the militar also want to secure the critical days privately privately with noid gregators and food advances. In the united states, pentagon, navy, air force and cia are so honestly worry about their action for action after the silvestern night www.Gao.Gov.

The us department of defense expects a potential irritation of the early warning systems and has already demanded around eight billion us dollars in june for the necessary software repairs. Nato has one "y2k-buro" furnished for the control and monitoring of macers for its members. The responsibility ultimately remains with the individual accession. The german federal government estimates the effort for the area of defense on uber 160 million marks. Since 1996, a specially furnished coordination office is preparing on the hardthohe on the date conversion, at the end of 1999 she wants to complete all changes. Functional authorities still wants the peace ministry "completely out".

Round half of the approximately 60.000 pcs in the civil and military area mub probably be improved. In may of this year, the company’s information and weapons used systems have already been investigated to coarse parts, changing changes were initiated. At this time, the investigations of sanitation and real estate guides and access control systems were not yet completed. Details of emergency planning have not yet been published by the german bundeswehr. ()

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Genetic control circuits

For the first time it was "counter" to turn on and off genes – and scientists are developing traumes of cellular nanoobots

For many purposes, it could be highly practical if you can not only plant genes in body cells, but they could turn on or off as needed, as well as that happens. A first success in the development of such a taxable "genetic circuit", whose targeted control was opened by numerous applications, now scientists of the center for biodynamics (cbd) have been achieved at boston university.

Genes are not only information units that contain commands, such as producing a particular protein or rna, but there are also the regulatory genes that, often enough in a complicated hierarchical cascade sequence, control the activity of other genes by either turning them on or their activity underprere if certain proteins are present in the cell. These control proteins, which are bound by the dna, can in turn be activated by the prasenz of certain chemical connections or by the temperature.

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A national hero of the us is arrested

Ex-world champion bobby fischer is arrested in japan

On the way to the philippines was ex-world champion robert "bobby" j. Fishermen arrested by immigration habits in japan due to an old us arrest warrant. This is the leading end of an exceptional payment in the world of chess, which is not just poor on exceptional payments.

Fischer was not just a chess laying, an ingenious exception player, which became us masters with 14 years, with 15 years of coarse masters and finally 1972 world champion. Fischer was the only long-haul rocket, which wound the time of the cold war deeply in the heart of the class enemy and provided in the highly political field of sports for devastations. Fischer personal paranoia, who was not alone to see his god mission in humble russian coarse master, fell well in the ambitious system comparison. Because the soviet coarse masters were not a simple athlete of their country, but represented by socialist conventionality in the realm of the mind. What was better than chess to make the system comparison measurable?

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Astrophotography with pentax k-1

It’s neumond, the sky clear and cloudless, we are located on one of the darkest places in germany – about 70 kilometers from hamburg in office neuhaus on a dead arm of the elbe. We, these are the passionate astro landscape photographer helmut schnieder and me. Together we want to test the pentax k-1 on their astroiable. The conditions could hardly be better.

Even the journey to the host site is an experience. So against 20.30 o’clock it goes from the elbuber crossing at domitz about half an hour long through a lonely area to a dead arm of the elbe – here there is only landscape and sky. Who lives here, must already be for shopping or refueling at least 25 kilometers. On the whole ride we will not encounter any car, for that diverse toe, which can succumb to cross the strain.

Astrophotography with Pentax K-1

It’s almost two o’clock and still pawn. In perfect darkness, it is important to keep your equipment together. On the front tripod sits the eos 6d, on the back the pentax k-1.

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Trade fair industry hopes 2021 to recovery of the classic business

Trade fair industry hopes 2021 to recovery of the classic business

If markus geisenberger and martin buhl-wagner talk about 2021, then much of confidence is the speech. They are business drivers of the leipziger fair and pursuit of the descarnos corona year 2020 zurzuzu’s business fairs with personal meetings. "We humans are social beings. We want to experience personal in order to develop sympathy and confidence. Only in this way is cooperation" says buhl-wagner. He is convinced: "the pandemic shows the indispensability of prasenz fairs and congresses."

Audience fairs from april?

In the first three months of the new year, but still no one counts in the industry with public events. Only from the second quarter is going to start. In the fair calendar of the leipziger, the gross book fair stands out, which they have published extra from their ancestral appointment in marz in may. In any case, that’s the signal, it should give the books show this year – after being one of the first coarse measures for 2020, which was canceled because of corona.

Nationwide followed her more than 250 other tuned fairs, with no confesses and coarse events.

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Fight for the north stream 2 project

Fight for the North Stream 2 project

Working on the first north stream pipeline. Image (2011): bair175 / cc by-sa 3.0

Where rhetorically the european solidarity is demanded, it is all about interests and friendships

The project nord stream 2, with the natural gas of russia to be transported to western europe, is realized or even blown down? To this question, this day in germany is violently. A contribution in the faz has continued to increase the debate. In a guest contribution of the conservative newspaper, 7 meps from germany write that a question of the project is a question of european solidarity.

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Handheld console: nintendo finished production of the 3ds

Handheld console: Nintendo finished production of the 3DS

Nintendo ended the production of the 3ds family. The handheld consoles are no longer produced, write the japanese on their website. The production stop concerns all variants of the 3ds family, including the 2ds ies. With some handlers, remainder can be bought.

The first version of the 3ds handheld came in 2011 to the store. With its stereoscopic 3d effects, he wanted to delight players. Over the years, new 3ds versions were repeatedly in the trade – including catching without 3d effects, called nintendo 2ds. Hardware revisions were added with the name "new" provided – for example "new 3ds" and "new 3ds xl".

Supply from the switch

The last new version of the 3ds was launched in 2017 as new nintendo 2ds xl. Since then it was quiet around nintendos handheld series. Nintendo has not yet explored a successor – whether a pure handheld console is still fitting in the nintendo strategy, is questionable.

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Notebook boom: hp and dell increase sales again

Notebook boom: HP and Dell increase sales again

The computer providers hp and dell continue to benefit from the notebook boom in the corona pandemic. In particular, consumers for growth ensure.

Hp sold around one-third more notebooks over the past quarter, while the sales of desktop pcs were absorbed by 23 percent year-on-year. With this oppositer development, dell sold a total of 15 percent more devices. Sales of the pc division improved by seven percent to $ 10.6 billion, about 8.7 billion euros. The consumer business grew by 34 percent – but hp made six percent less sales with corporate customers.

Even stronger was the trend in the printer business of hp. The consumer business increased by 55 percent, but the unemployed was the eleven percent by eleven percent. The division increased sales at a total of seven percent on five billion dollars, as hp announced after us borsen’s deadline on thursday.

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Red-black at the end?

According to the results of the nrw state election, the conflict between fdp and union is stretched

The grunenzeiche taz sees the end of black and yellow after the nrw choice. But so far, only one thing is certain. In dusseldorf, this color constellation was released as expected. Not even 42% of the wahler voted for these two parties. The union has lost 10% and is thus shrunk to her normal mab in nrw. Finally, after a short cdu-intermezzo in the post-war period, almost a social democratic trust country. Therefore, in the union, the election victory of ruttgers 4 years ago with so much attention was considered. For the schroder-spd, the then election defeat in nrw was the reason for the pre-drawn new elections 2005 and the end of red-grun.

Second election lover spd

But the spd actually has little reason for the casualty, even if it is now stylized in the media to the winner because it is almost okay with the union. The spd itself could not benefit from the defeat of the cdu itself in its root country and slipped from 37.1% to 34.5%. This repeats in nrw, which was already in many state elections of recent years. Union and spd run the wahler away and none of the two parties benefits from the weak of the others.

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Robophilosophy: the complexity of robotic ethics

Robophilosophy: The complexity of robotic ethics

Two people move to an abyss. A robot could at least save one of them before the deadly fall by putting himself in the way. But whom should he rescue? Undecided he moves back and forth – and saves no. It would probably have been the first experiment in which real robot were confronted with an ethical dilemma, said alan winfield (university of the west of england) at the robophilosophy 2020 conference, which will be held online these days.

The abyss did not really exist with this experiment, but was symbolized by a rectangular area that should be avoided. There were no people involved, but exclusively e-puck robot. Two represented people, the third played the role of the rescuer who should follow the first asimov robot law and to avert harm from the people.

Theory of mind

The experiment from considerations for robotic ethics has emerged. The transparency of the robot acting will enrich the highest prioritat, blinded winfield. A robot must be able to explain his behavior, especially if he made a mistake and caused damage. Games the "theory of mind" a central role, ie the ability to move into other persons and to make amptions about their state of consciousness.

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