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Canadian court to huawei financial chef: fraud is also illegal in canada

Canadian court to Huawei Financial Chef: Fraud is also illegal in Canada

Huawei-finanzkefin meng wanzhou continues to threaten the delivery of canada to the united states. The manager had argued that the behavior accused by the united states is not punishable under canadian law, which is why a delivery was inadequate. Wanzhou was so victorious that she had already made cheers in the stages of the court building in vancouver at the weekend. But the bill was not on: fraud is also prohibited in canada.

This is the tenor of the decision of the province supreme court of the province of british columbia. The us is throwing wanzhou, to have made untrue to iran’s business of their group opposite four banks, to deal with the us trade embargo against iran. Canada does not support this trade embargo. But that does nothing to the court: kern of reproaches are deliberately false information against the banks, which is also banned in canada – not the motive for such fraud.

This will make the decision whether wanzhou is delivered even more long ago. The woman ares her innocence. She is the oldest daughter of huawei-grunder ren zhengfei. On the 1. December 2018 she had been arrested at the vancouver airport. After depositing a deposit, she was released with an electronic bottle. Since then she lives with her mother and private security service in two rough estates in vancouver.

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Vmware brings vrealize automation cloud to europe

VMware brings VREALIZE Automation Cloud to Europe

According to locations in the us, australia and singapore for the american and asian market, vmware is now targeting europe: in a press release announced the virtualizer, its automation service vreealize automation cloud now in frankfurt, the "geographic and oconomic center of europe", to host.

Developer and users should be able to access resources faster and easier to access resources, even because data latency and connectivity ies could be minimized. With the vrealize automation cloud, however, a consistent operating model with uniform guidelines over clouds can be enforced, a service level agreement maintained administrators a high availability and more security.

The new location brings it with itself that the data of european customers do not leave europe. With the benefits of vrealize automation cloud, companies in europe involve data protection, data sovereignty and other legal requirements. In addition, vmware makes all the terms of use, security and compliance certifications publicly, determines which data collects it and what happens to them.

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See experts “increasing threat” cyber attacks

See experts'zunehmende bedrohungslage' durch cyberangriffe'zunehmende bedrohungslage' durch cyberangriffe

The criminal sneaks over the network – and also scare in the middle of the pandemic before the implementation of your home-style plan. "Production plants had to be shut down due to the errreng", says steffen zimmermann. It is not possible to extinguish that the consequences of the attack maybe "until in covid-19 supply chains".

Urgency not yet everywhere

What the end of marz happened to the french pharmaceutical company pierre fabre, the head of the competence center industrial security at the mechanical engineering association vdma in frankfurt is still driving around. After a hacker attack on the factory-it, it came to delays in tightly clocked processes, also damages claims were caused. And that’s just in an industry that goes to the further occasion of the corona crisis just under full load ride.

Whether in medicine, caravans or in other industrial operations: not only the buro software on the computers of employees, but also the complex control of entire machine parks is vulnerable to cyberbuberfliffs. Still, serious forcales are in the increasingly networking "internet of things" relatively rare with digitally communicating plants, zimmermann reports – see examples such as multiple attack on thyssenkrupp. But the danger rises. Some companies have to take care of the urgency.

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Player graphics cards: geforce rtx 3080 ti and rtx 3070 ti in the starting poses

Player graphics Cards: GeForce RTX 3080 Ti and RTX 3070 Ti in the starting poses

According to numerous frames over shifts, nvidia’s geforce rtx 3080 ti is to appear in june 2021. The envision is therefore shortly before the start of the virtual hardware fair computex 2021 on 29. May, whereupon reviews and the sale follow. In parallel, the geforce rtx 3070 ti could appear.

The geforce rtx 3080 ti is ranked with 10.240 shader cores hardly slower than the top model geforce rtx 3090, but should be equipped with 12 instead of 24 gdr6x memory. This underpin images of an alleged geforce rtx 3080 ti suprim x from msi, which is already sold in the united arab emirates according to a reddit post.

Manufacturer’s instructions

Msi has shown the graphics card category geforce rtx 3080 ti in the meantime on its own website, but now removed. Videocardz shows an allegedly from msi present presentation, which both the geforce rtx 3080 ti as well as the geforce rtx 3070 ti. The website also comes from the booking date at the end of may – previously, the month’s center was the question.

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Robotechnology: soft robot plant

Robotechnology: soft robot plant

In the development of robots, engineers can often be inspired by biological models. Mostly orient yourself to animals such as insects, snakes or fish. But also plants can provide valuable suggestions. Thus, researchers of stanford university have developed the wine robot whose locomotion is the growth of a grapevine, but is much faster.

Also on slippery surfaces

Like margaret m. Coad in its presentation in the context of the robotic conference icra, this robot consists of a base station in which a coil is rolled up in a folded hose made of soft plastic. When unwinding this hose, his heart is folded to the ax, so that he is peeping at the top stucco for stucco. Because the hose himself, similarly a plant root, do not move relative to his environment, also love slippery or sticky surfaces smoothly overweight, says coad. The direction love themselves with a special joystick, whose shape of the hose is modeled.

There have been several feasibility studies for navigation and exploration tasks for this technological approach so far, says cad. In addition, the 2018 wine robot in the soft robot navigation competition among seven participants as the only one in the first attempt has been forced all four tasks: he found the way through loosely set cones without being knocked out, wooded stairs, tight flowers and a sandbox.

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Prisoner is camphor: kurds experts

Prisoner IS Camphor: Kurds experts

Warehouse al-hol, where children are also housed with german stateburgerschaft. Image (october 2019): voa / common-free

Even in the early year, they should start in northeast, whether germans or other governments participate. An internationally supported tribunal ware of the kurdish self-government but mostly

The problem of is prisoners in northeastern syria has not disappeared, even if they are out of the headlines first. As is known, there are a lot of is-camphor andanhangers with european state burners. But the european countries as well as germany are not awarded that they took up their state burgers who have joined the is and their children without themselves. They can be time, decide on case to fall.

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Today the third nmd test grunes light for us missile sign?

New militaryoktrin allows first to use nuclear weapons against "rogue states"

So it has planned the pentagon: today on friday at a still unknown time, a huge explosion will occur halfway between california and kwajalin atoll (marshall islands) in the atmosphere high above the pacific. The prototype of a new us intercepting rocket will make a replica of a nuclear bias head fired by a minuteman ii intercontinental rocket. Bill clinton simulates the aggression of a so-called rogue state to the usa.

Is today the third NMD test grunes light for US missile sign?

What is so reprehensible? If the test does not go as farmer us rocket tests next to it, then this is the end of the global peacekeeping of peace, limited (just just under 10 years old). The screw of nuclear rusting is turned again and us will be the continuation of the "starwars"-dream of ronald reagan operating and build a sign against ballistic atomic missiles. In a targeted goal with a collision speed of more than 26,000 hourly kilometers of goods, the starting signal is also set for a new, uncontrolled worldwide atomic call.

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“The first reform must be the setting”

No antimoder is more in rome? The new pope represents a new attitude towards the freedom of personal life, state clerics, homosexuality and women

Whether it is actually "unprecedented progressive thoughts" are the new pope franz in a now widespread interview, for example, to the sexual moral aubert, as always a question of the context.

You can imagine that the statements francis in the romische enclave ensures with their established power branches for coarse disturbance, because the pope is clearly against functional artery and state clerics and against theology in warm, crazy areas – against limits that accomplish into the room taken and kept clean and clean there at the clerical dogmin board.

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Daimler-procured protest against job outsourcing

Several thousand daimler-procured in the dusseldorfer sprinter plant have laid out of protest against potential job deletions for hours. They fledged that in the nrw plant to produce the coarse transporter with around 6,500 employees, up to 1800 jobs are eliminated and outsourced to the usa. According to ig metall, daimler plans another factory for the delivery of the north american market. The actions took place in the night of tuesday, at the breakfast morning and at lunchtime each for the different layers. According to ig metall, a total of around 3000 employees took part.

A daimler spokesman stressed that the dusseldorf location is not in question. Operating responsibilities are also excluded by the end of 2016. The fundamental decision on the production strategy of the sprinter will fall until the end of the year. Since the coarse transporter in north america are particularly well selling, musise of the group superior to how this market will be serviced accordingly accordingly, the speakers explained.

In bremen, on tuesday, took place after a supervisory board meeting, where it also went to the artistic strategy of the transporter division. In germany, daimler currently produces the coarse transporter in dusseldorf and ludwigsfelde. Sprinter works are also available in china, russia, argentina and the usa in ladson at charleston in the state of south carolina. There is already produced for the american market.

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Eu elections: mainly national secondary elections?

EU elections: mainly national side elections?

Saal and conference town in which the romische support were signed in 1957. Image: hadi / cc by-sa 3.0

According to ard-germanytrend, there is a strong approval of the eu and choice, including the afd appeal surprise. Eu commission prospective juncker lacks the "collective libido"

The interest in the eu election is relatively high, reports the ard germany trend. This is underlaid that 53 percent of respondents are "very strong" or "strong" for the eu parliamentary elections interest. In the overall picture, however, a split attitude is noticeable.

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