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Office 365 now is called microsoft 365

Office 365 now is called Microsoft 365

Microsoft has scanned some innovations around ms office, which mainly affect private users.

From the 21. April will become the private customer subscription office 365 staff (1 user) and office 365 home (up to 6 users) by two new abomodels. Microsoft 365 single and microsoft 365 family and cost the same as their processes, ie 69 euros a year for the single version and 99 euros per year for the family version. Existing subscriptions are automatically converted.

To the office programs and services contained so far (z.B. Onedrive) now come a specially designed version of the communication program team and a package called "family safety" added. The latter contains, above all, a number of functions, which, for example, should control and control the computer, smartphone and internet use of the offspring. Guarded the screen time on android and windows advised and the xbox, lists the useful life of apps such as netflix, games, social media and messenger programs and allow the white and blacklisting of websites.

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Copy clipboard: ios user sued linkedin

Copy clipboard: iOS user sued LinkedIn

A first app manufacturer gets legal inventor in the united states because he had often accessed the clipboard under ios and ipados without demand by the user. A new security feature in the coming iphone operating system ios 14, which is currently in a beta test phase, had the behavior of the "clipboard espionage" in the application of the popular career network linkedin uncovered – as well as in the apps of various other manufacturers.

Linkedin does not want to have copied anything

Linkedin, which goes to microsoft, gave it, they are dealing with "an error" in the app. Previously, users had discovered that the app seems to be capable of each individual character entered, which was entered and at least potentially transferred. A linkedin-viceprasident wrote on twitter, you have the problem on one "code path" returned, the one "equality comparison between the contents of the clipboard and the currently typed content of a text box" make up. You save or transfer the clipboard content but not.

The linkedin user adam bauer from new york is not enough this explanation. He immediately filed a lawsuit against linkedin at the federal court in san francisco, because the app potentially read sensitive content from the clipboard and merely "misappropriated" have. The lawsuit explicitly speaks of a combined macos and ios or ipados function, the so-called universal clipboard. If this is active, content of the clipboard from mac will also transfer to iphone and / or ipad and vice versa. Accordingly, potentially had already landed mac inputs on linkedin.

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Microsoft azure integrated couchbase cloud

Microsoft Azure integrated CouchBase Cloud

For the first time, couchbase cloud is available on azure. It is the managed service version of the multi-cloud-to edge-nosql database couchbase server. It depends on a memory first architecture with sql friendly query language. In addition, couchbase cloud robust sdks for developers and is schematic json format, which allows easier to scale.

According to the manufacturer, the combination of couchbase server and the integration on the in-virtual private cloud (vpc) of microsoft azure reduces the costs associated with traditional deployments, without restrictings in the control and security of the data. With the help of the integrated user interface ("single pane of glass") for multicloud management and cross-datacenter replication, multi-clusters can be managed across different cloud regions.

Billing after use

Couchbase cloud is available in different licensing models. Users can, for example, between commitment billing or prepayment without monthly limits elections. For iaas subscriptions (infrastructure-as-a-service) there are no restrictions according to couchbase. The use can be configured and impaired according to the customer’s development, test and operating requirements.

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Machine learning: onnx 1.8 increases serialization when capturing sequence types

Machine Learning: Onnx 1.8 increases serialization when capturing sequence types

The okosystem and exchange format open neural network exchange (onnx) is in version 1.8 appeared. The release has carried out the serialization of inputs and outputs of the sequence and map data types to ensure operator unit test.

With the serial conveying of the size of elements in make_tensor, users are to ensure that coarse ratios and elements are consistent in a tensor. A highlight for windows users was allowed to be that the current version of onnx contains a new conda package.

Updated training module

Further changes relate to the output loops and the shape inference, which has received some corrections on the node and graphene level. Recently, the module should also be used for models via 2 gb. For the benefit of this change, users can modify the onnx api. The onnx team has worked the modules for training and for the shape inference. For the definition of the gradient operator, the training module has received differentiable tags and a tool that supports developer when storing training information by means of protobuf messages. The graphcall remotes, instead the onnx team has updated ir and graphics of the training module.

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