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Trumps muslim ban and europe’s hypocrisy

Trumps Muslim Ban and Europe's hypocrisy

Massimo sestini / italian kustenwache

Even in europe, one "refugee policy" persecuted, the trump’s boundary policy is almost close

Federal minister of the interior de maizi̬re has been propagating for months, one choked in so-called "secure place of origin" to back Рallegedly secure regions in unsafe countries. This means, for example, regions in afghanistan, in which he was trusted only with a firing vest.

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Starting signal for galileo

The european ministers of transport have decided to build the european satellite navigation system

The eu transport ministers today decided today to start the galileo satellite navigation system competing with the american gps. The minister of transport thus implemented the decision taken at the eu summit in barcelona 10 days ago.

Since 1994, galileo is located in planning that includes 30 satellites cover the entire globe and with an accuracy of one meter pracier than the gps should be. The decision of the final start of the project estimated to 3.6 billion euros was repeatedly shifted for financial concerns. It was now decided that the seat of the galileo headquarters will be in brussel.

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Marode republic of ripe to enter?

In austria, after the other, a corruption scandal lowered the confidence in politics in the meantime below 10 percent

Osterreich is currently watching out of a delayed hangover: it was initially only the particularly privatization ex-financial minister karl-heinz grasser met the discoveries of strange businesses, the corruption conservation now widened on so many people, that more and more easter riches were painfully clear will, why the former world bank chief co signal joseph stiglitz from english words for privatization and bribery the term "briberization" prudent.

Thus, among other things, strange money lips on companies and foreign accounts were known, which could be related to the fact that the then defense minister herbert scheibner, during his term of office, completed a 180 degree change of mind and then not the preserved saab aircraft, but the much more expensive eurofighter bought. Scheibner, whose immunitat of the national council on 21. September posted, a bribe denies as well as a money wash, but can only explain the purpose of the financial transactions only quite unsatisfactory. Because the payments were known by a hint of his bank, he suspected in the orf, this did that because he is planning to build up in the financial institutions.

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Bayern wants to demand home office with tax incentives

Bayern wants to demand home office with tax incentives

Bavaria presents concrete proposals for the demand of work in the heimburo. Finance minister albert furacker (csu) pladates dafur to improve the depreciation opportunities for companies and permanently demand the home office package for workers. "We need a lot of home office", said furacker of the dpa. "Bavaria does not focus on statutory obligations, but on tax incentives."

The corona pandemic has fueled the discussion about the work at home. "There are several possible set screws", said the csu politician. As an example, furacker named the increase in immediate debt for all the low-value – at least for digital – assistants from 800 to 2000 euros. This means, for example, that a company could completely write off new laptops and monitors for employees in a tax year. "Another significant incentive were improved depreciation conditions for digital investment, such as a software purchase."

Package as a permanent device

For workers have been a 5-euro package since last year each working day in their own home, which is limited by the end of this year. Bayern calls to make this lump sum to the permanent institution. "For workers, home office may not be a grant business, not only in pandemeal times", said the bavarian finance minister.

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