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Macos big sur: software updates should be thwarted

Macos Big Sur: Software updates should be thwarted

Apple has made amendments in big sur alias macos 11, which should significantly accelerate the update of operating system components. As the group says in its preview of the new central mac software, after the upgrade on macos 11 new updates are played partly in the background in the background. These were thereby also finished faster. "It’s easier than ever to keep your mac up to date and safe", praises apple himself.

Updates are often avoided

So far, you have to set up as apple users to wait for several minutes as soon as operating system or security updates are recorded – partially requires the complete process depending on the machine 15 minutes and more. The mac is completely blocked during this time and the user sees only based on a progress bar on a black background, which just happens. Particularly long lasting firmware updates of the efi or the integrated safety chip – here are several reboots necessary.

Some users tend to lift them due to the slow updates, and thus to leave their computers with safety swallowing in production plant – something that apple is looking for the update acceleration to avoid art. Exact technical details have not yet been mentioned yet – as macos big sur is currently only in the first beta, which apple has not missed any update yet, the superpendent updating process could not be observed live yet.

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How to use ios correctly in the company: our live webinar shows it

How to use iOS correctly in the company: Our live webinar shows it

Apple is increasingly expanding the management of iphones and ipads in companies: ios 14 brings important innovations around the apple business manager as well as many improvements in terms of mobile device management systems (mdm) and thus the company’s enterprise.

Iphones and ipads in the company

In the live webinar of mac i, mark zimmermann, specialist and specialist for mobile solutions, the establishment, connection and use of iphones and ipads in conjunction with mdm systems and the different administrative types.

It is about the central configuration, administration and inventory of company-specific advantages, but also the possibilities for involving private iphones and ipads of employees (bring your own device – byod). On the agenda, the only organizations only facilitate a shared use of ipads ("shared ipad", "shared ipad") and the topic "managed apple ids".

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Improved: collective configuration of logitech advantages via macos app

Improved: Collective configuration of Logitech advantages via MacOS app

Logitech has handled its configuration app for input device rate inputs under macos. The application called options + is currently in the beta test and has a hand-drawn design. It allows you to set the different key functions in mines and keyboards of the peripheral provider.

Cleaned out, own look

New are predefined settings for different programs. So you can provide your mouse for chrome, safari, edge or communication programs such as zoom and teams with a separate occupancy. Options + continues to provide status display and notifications for hardware, such as battery level.

However, the user interface is quite own – visually falls out completely from the full macos look (even under big sur). How logitech uses its own font and color scheme. However, the night mode of macos is supported, the app can also be displayed in a dark look on request.

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