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Hp elitedesk 800 g6: mini pc with tenkern processor and geforce gtx 1660 ti

HP EliteDesk 800 G6: Mini PC with tenkern processor and GeForce GTX 1660 Ti

Hp has introduced the mini-pc elitedesk 800 g6, which is significantly more powerful thanks to the new intel processor and defined graphics chip as the current g5 version. In the top model of the elitedesk 800 g6 comes a ten-core from the core i-10000 series (core i9-10900 / k / t, comet lake-s). In addition, optional nvidia’s geforce gtx 1660 ti – and that with a volume of just one liter (3.4 cm × 17.7 cm × 17.5 cm).

In the process elitedesk 800 g5, a maximum of the eight-core core i7-9700k stuck. In addition, in the us, a radeon rx 560x selections, in germany, hp showed only the use of the integrated intel graphics unit. The geforce gtx 1660 ti offers significantly more power and is also suitable for playing. An external power supply continues to provide a maximum of 150 watts.

Hp elitedesk 800 g6

HP EliteDesk 800 G6: Mini PC with tenkern processor and GeForce GTX 1660 Ti

Memory equipment and many connections

In two so-dimm slots, up to 64 gb4-ram can be installed together. For ssds are two m.2 slots ready, a 2.5-inch compartment also offers space for an hdd. Hp installed in most cases a pci express 3.0-ssd with 512 gb, on which windows 10 pro is preinstalled.

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Showcar renault k-ze: preview of electric city suv

Showcar renault k-ze: preview of electric city suv

At the presentation of the near-production study k-ze in paris, renault ceo carlos ghosn announced, "we will offer the k-ze in china at a competitive price.". He also revealed his strategy: "our car will offer more performance and more technology."

Whether this will be enough to keep up in the increasingly fierce battle for customers in the middle kingdom? The battery-powered suv will probably have to cost well under 20,000 euros as a series product.000 euros. The opportunity ghosn has in mind is the comparatively strong government demand for e-mobility in china. He says: "china is investing considerable sums in the rapid spread of electric mobility. That’s why we chose china for the market launch of our new battery-powered model.". The experience of the alliance between renault nissan and its chinese partner dongfeng will serve as the basis for activities on the asian market.

The small car is to offer a radius of 250 km

The high-legged a-segment car, which shone in the headlights above the rooftops of paris, is a very close-to-production study. The typical features of the current renault models, such as the radiator grille with the rhombus are included, but kept a little more futuristic than in the cars with conventional powertrains. The four-door small car, which should soon prove itself in the eastern megacities, offers a standard range of 250 kilometers according to renault. This is hardly an improvement on the current renault zoe z battery car.E. 40 (test).

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Lost on the middle of the middle

The osce met on racism on the internet. For two days, the boundaries of freedom and censorship was argued

Actually, the fronts had to be clear from the outset. When the organization for safety and cooperation in europe (osce) last week to a two-day conference on racism, xenophobia and anti-semitism on the internet, it quickly became differences between the representatives of the 55 oecd member states and the us representative dan bryant. It is one "rash" in the fight against racism and intolerance to censor the internet, bryant explained the us position. The french aufemister michel barnier had opened the meeting in paris on wednesday with the thesis, racist intolerance is mainly based on the uncontrolled propaganda on the internet. At the debate about these two extremes, the two-day conference also seemed to be.

So it was due to the question of how the internet may be controlled and censored without restricting the freedom of expression and information. Both france’s aufemister barnier as well as his bulgarian office colleague salomon passy pladated for a stronger control.

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Starting signal for galileo

The european ministers of transport have decided to build the european satellite navigation system

The eu transport ministers today decided today to start the galileo satellite navigation system competing with the american gps. The minister of transport thus implemented the decision taken at the eu summit in barcelona 10 days ago.

Since 1994, galileo is located in planning that includes 30 satellites cover the entire globe and with an accuracy of one meter pracier than the gps should be. The decision of the final start of the project estimated to 3.6 billion euros was repeatedly shifted for financial concerns. It was now decided that the seat of the galileo headquarters will be in brussel.

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Machine learning: onnx 1.8 increases serialization when capturing sequence types

Machine Learning: Onnx 1.8 increases serialization when capturing sequence types

The okosystem and exchange format open neural network exchange (onnx) is in version 1.8 appeared. The release has carried out the serialization of inputs and outputs of the sequence and map data types to ensure operator unit test.

With the serial conveying of the size of elements in make_tensor, users are to ensure that coarse ratios and elements are consistent in a tensor. A highlight for windows users was allowed to be that the current version of onnx contains a new conda package.

Updated training module

Further changes relate to the output loops and the shape inference, which has received some corrections on the node and graphene level. Recently, the module should also be used for models via 2 gb. For the benefit of this change, users can modify the onnx api. The onnx team has worked the modules for training and for the shape inference. For the definition of the gradient operator, the training module has received differentiable tags and a tool that supports developer when storing training information by means of protobuf messages. The graphcall remotes, instead the onnx team has updated ir and graphics of the training module.

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Marode republic of ripe to enter?

In austria, after the other, a corruption scandal lowered the confidence in politics in the meantime below 10 percent

Osterreich is currently watching out of a delayed hangover: it was initially only the particularly privatization ex-financial minister karl-heinz grasser met the discoveries of strange businesses, the corruption conservation now widened on so many people, that more and more easter riches were painfully clear will, why the former world bank chief co signal joseph stiglitz from english words for privatization and bribery the term "briberization" prudent.

Thus, among other things, strange money lips on companies and foreign accounts were known, which could be related to the fact that the then defense minister herbert scheibner, during his term of office, completed a 180 degree change of mind and then not the preserved saab aircraft, but the much more expensive eurofighter bought. Scheibner, whose immunitat of the national council on 21. September posted, a bribe denies as well as a money wash, but can only explain the purpose of the financial transactions only quite unsatisfactory. Because the payments were known by a hint of his bank, he suspected in the orf, this did that because he is planning to build up in the financial institutions.

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Surveyor expect stricter no2 limits

German society for pneumology and ventilation medicine (dgp) expects the world health organization (who) in the foreseeable future will recommend lowering the limits for nitrogen dioxide (no2). Currently, the who is advised by whether the limit applicable in the eu is still the current scientific knowledge, professor holger schulz said from helmholtz zentrum munchen world (edition of thursday, 7. Marz 2019). It should be amed that the who will suggest a reduction.

Schulz pays to the authors of the position paper, which the dgp had presented in november on the subject of air pollutants. In it, it is central: "healthful effects of air pollutants are well examined and occupied both in general population and in patients with different basic diseases."And:" another significant reduction in air pollutant burden is required and a reduction of the legal limits required."

Specifically, this means, according to schulz: "in terms of nitrogen dioxide, according to my view, a limit of 30 micrograms per cubic meter of air makes sense."The nitrogen dioxide limit is in the annual average at 40 micrograms per cubic meter of air and is based on who recommendations. Schulz stressed, it is the task of politics, not science to formulate new upper limits. Standard that air pollutants are harmful to health: "this is already detectable at values of 20 micrograms per cubic meter."

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Protection of patient data: computer scientists commissions catching action

Protection of patient data: computer scientists commissions catching action

The approach of federal health minister jens spahn (cdu), in the digitization of the health sector concerns concerns, the company wants to carry out the company for computer science (gi). "In case of doubt must first be taken care of the protection of patient data before digitizing new healthcare processes", stressed gi-prasident hannes federrath. At all stressful laws had to "strict specifications for it security" are valid.

Severe fundamental rights

The club therefore welcomes the struck complaint (az. 1 bvr 2796/20) against the 2019 digital supply law (dvg), which the chairman of the interessengemeinschaft medicine (ig med), ilka tiger, and a medical expert at the end of the year together with the lawyer carlos gebauer in karlsruhe submit. That "spahn law" according to the plain, the right to informational self-determination of patients whose medical data has been forwarded without consent to a central research center and provided there for big-data analyzes.

The appeal pushed by a doctor’s side against the dvg offer "now the opportunity to first determine the current state of it security more accurately before further steps of digitization of health care", nonzled martin weigele from the prasidium labor-based privacy and security of gi. If doctors were forced on the basis of the law to provide digitized patient data with sometimes uncertain it systems of the healthcare system, severe fundamental rights of fundamental rights for those affected are threatened, no longer randomly.

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Astronomy: many stars in the milk strain experienced gigantic collision

Astronomy: Many stars in the milk strain experienced gigantic collision

When the milk strain collided with another galaxy about 10 billion years ago, a substantial part of the stars had already emerged. This has found a group of researchers and researchers, inter alia, on the basis of data of space telescopes kepler and gaia and thus confirmed existing theories. They served the relatively young discipline of asteroseismology, they continue to explain. It is closed from the radiation frequency of certain stars on their internal structure and, among other things, on their age.

Different star populations found

That the dairy strain was collided in her breakfast story with another galaxy, a few years ago was proven with the space telescope gaia. Since 2013, gaia has been photographing with a gigapixel camera continuously the starry sky. By means of the parallax residual, the position of oppositely stars and over time also determine their relative movement. A goal of the mission was to find different streams of stars on this way and reconstruct the early history of our home galaxy. With the discovery of the coarse collision completely at the beginning, this goal had been achieved in an impressive way.

(source: koppelman, villalobos helmi, kapteyn astronomical institute, university of groningen, the netherlands)

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Zoom filter fail: mr. Richter, i’m not a cat

Zoom Filter Fail: Mr. Richter, I'm not a cat

Pulling video conferencing with filters can also go backwards: the recording of a zoom’s reconciliation of a texan court, which is currently the round. In the clip instead of the lawyer rod ponton only can be seen the picture of a cat. On the indication of the judge that apparently a zoom filter is activated in the video settings, the catzchen looks confused.

Yes, it is a filter, but he did not know how to exhibit him, says ponton / the cat. His assistant is already there to help him. "I’m actually here and i’m not a cat", he ames. "I see", answers the judge and tries to give instructions how to turn off the filter.

Divided the clip, among other things, the judge roy ferguson via twitter. "Important zoom tip: if a child has used your computer, you should prefix before joining a video meeting, whether filter is turned off in the settings", he commented the case. Now a catzken have a formal envision to a case of the 394. District court in texas.

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