Trumps muslim ban and europe’s hypocrisy

Trumps Muslim Ban and Europe's hypocrisy

Massimo sestini / italian kustenwache

Even in europe, one "refugee policy" persecuted, the trump’s boundary policy is almost close

Federal minister of the interior de maizière has been propagating for months, one choked in so-called "secure place of origin" to back – allegedly secure regions in unsafe countries. This means, for example, regions in afghanistan, in which he was trusted only with a firing vest.

He repeated similar demands on the edge of an informal ministerial meeting in malta. So you have to think about it that you all who are "have embedded on tugs", at one "safe place outside of europe" bring. These "refinish" (refoulement) contradict not only the volkerrecht. They also contradict any human rights standards. Because the "safe places outside of europe", the de maizière is terrible, are a crass of reproduction of reality. For example, germany strikes egypt for an eu migration partnership and berat there border police for one "human rights-right practice". At the same time, egypt operates 64 migrant knacks. The escapeons are imprisoned there and criminalized so that they can not arrive in europe. So germany wants to cooperate with a state that disregards the human rights of wicked on a blatant way.

And around in libya, one of the main transitlanders for enamed, for "safe places" to worry, de maizière had to build well-guarded warehouse, as the country still sinks in the chaos after the burger war (eu escape policies). Favored africans are abused and robbed of local gangs and state safety faith. Also, the urgent question arises what happens with asylum seekers rejected in the eu escape ware camps. They were probably still tasting to come to europe, says geralald knaus from the thinktank european stability initiative: "the eu slakes in more and more radical positions."

When people continue to try to come to europe, they drove them again into the arms of tractors, which they accommodate until the crossing in private gangs. German diplomats report that, in these private prisoners, kz-like relevance prevailed. "Executive non-payable migrants, torture, rape, developments and suspensions in the waste are there [in libya] on the agenda", so the diplomats.

That europe cooperates with brutal regimes and for this for "better border management" (orwell’s neusprech – translated: for the prevention of emigration or. Of the transit of enclosed) political support, among others in eritrea, the sudan and sudsudan -, it was already reported.

Human rights violations to bulgarian border – with german tax rate

But even within europe, the human rights of the enclosed with docks. So enumerated at the bulgarian border are humiliated and abused. The churchasyl coordinator of the protestant church in bavaria, stefan reichel, has summarized the reports of uber bulgaria. They repeatedly report the same: superfulled, dirty bedrooms; kratze and bugs; kicks and beat by prison kit or policemen; drinking water from the toilet; assembling dogs; reductions if escape lines have to take off from foreign naked; bad medical care. Many are traumatized by the strong traumatized in bulgaria than by the home country.

Researching oxfam and human rights watch describe that policemen threatened sampled sometimes with a pulled weapon and even print them the pistol to the forehead. Again and again it comes to violence against sampled and in at least one case was a escape shot.

Human rights watch has asked for a research 45 asylum seekers and 26 of them reported police authority and bite of police dogs. 44 of the 45 respondents report it to be stealthy of safety powers. These human rights violations have been holding for four years, although human rights watch and others have repeatedly reported.

Sinisha, 22 years, from afghanistan, reports on an incident in november 2015:

We saw the police car and started running. We heard a kid screaming behind, turned around, and saw the dog biting him. We stoped and saw how the dog dragged him about 15 meters, viciously biting him, he wouldn’t let go. Then, about eight police officers came and one started beating the kid while the dog continued biting him … Then the police told the dog to stop biting butt grabbed my friend and had the dog bite his arm. Then another police hit me on the head with the butt of his gun. It bled badly. I asked the police for a napkin to wipe the blood from my face but instead he kicked me on the leg … They took two mobiles, money and new shoes … They brought us by police cars to the border and took wooden sticks and started hitting all of us and made us cross the border to turkey.


Bulgaria is an eu state, so these disregards of human rights are also an eu problem. Highest problematic is the years of financial support of the bulgarian border system from the eu. Thus, bulgaria received 38 million euros between 2007 and 2013 (also from german taxpayers) to monitor the axley limit. It included were among other things cameras and motion sensors. The whole border was redesigned by these investments so that it is superwaxable. Roads have been installed, which can only allow the border officials to suspend sampled and then abuse. Since bulgarian border soldiers have also been trained with the funds, the question must be allowed why such serious human rights violations come about.

In the case of bulgaria, the willkur of the european escape lotology. The state there are worse than in greece. According to greece, no more faded has been returned for years because the country is completely reduced. But while the situation in bulgaria is much more engraver, deportations will continue to take place there.

Invisible bodies at the bottom of the mediterranean

2016 died over 5.000 enclosed while trying to cross the mediterranean. These were as many people as in no year before. 13 drowned people every day of the year – children, women and men. During 2015 every 276. Fucked at the boat towers, it was 2016 every 41. And because europe’s militar surgery eunavfor med creates a focus on destroying tugboats, the tugs replace their destructed wooden boats at the next crossing through cheap, inflatable boats.

But the bodies on the ground of the mediterranean are invisible. A prassident trump, which occurs loud and populist, is visible. That’s why he is troubled in the media and social networks with mockery and he is encountered with disgust. But who, however, is right – on trump, must be in the circumstances in north africa and bulgaria, in the mass drowning in the mediterranean with the finger of the other hand on the european politicians, which operate an equally illuminating escape policies.