France: militarization of the police

"Fight against terrorism": police units are eradicated with heavy weapons

France is still in the emergency after the shock of the connection in november. The legal status is valid after the relocation in february to 26. May. Inland politics will continue, insofar as the political mood in the country is still in a phase in which maws can be enforced to expand internal security, which were stabbed at coarse resistance a few time ago.

You could briefly bring it to the denominator: the mabs for the calling of the police, to expand the police powers, the project to free the firearms use of previous statutory restrictions, prior to receivables that came mainly from the right political spectrum. That on the other hand, protests from links gave on behalf of the bourgeois rights rights and with a view to the possibilities for state abuse, obedience to political tradition.

Now the conditions are different. That police units, which so far for the evidence of the criminalitat, about drug trafficking were as the brigades anti-criminalite (bac) now with assault guns (deutsche hk g36) are rusted, with ammunition that can break through protective vests is a political maaking that comes from the social democratic government.

Weak in national security you do not want to be accused

"From flashball to the assault rifle", does the french newspaper le monde summarize the "coarse" together in the social democratic police policy. 1.835 bac policemen should be able to neutralize terrorists before the special units are on site. Dafur will be delivered after and after 874 assault rifles from german production, you get protective vests and ammunition that can break through the protective vests of your opponents.

Critics turn on that the policemen so far had no education in these weapons and not with this ammunition. The risk of "collateral damage", that the ammunition could hit and hit uninvolved, should not be neglected. The intended training of "six hours and only 75 cartridges" this ammunition is far too little.

But the criticism only meets a cutout of a gross expansion of the safety force through the ps government, which probably also had the front nationally in the eye. Weak in national security you do not want to be accused.

The concept of calling, which at the end to a military police leaves as you know from the us, also includes the calling other units such as the gendarmeria unit psig or the crs, which has so far been breeding for their robust use in demonstrations as well as the for the anti-terrorism planned units raid and bri.

In the amount of abbreviations is a problem to be read out, which has shown in the statements immediately after the abandonment on charlie hebdo and the judian supermarket in january as well as in november, competitive and state disputes.

The regulation of the respective competencies in anti-terrorine ingredients is obvious to the problem traps, which are in the way to the desire of the minister of the interior, according to which units within 20 minutes in the event of a danger across france must be smooth to the protection of the nation prasent.

However, opponents of the ps security policy work on legislation that provide a facilitation of firearms use through police officers.