Battle for the gezipark: no peace after the storm

Battle for the Gezipark: No peace after the storm

Photo: fabian kohler

Almost 24 hours took the strain battle between turkish demonstrators and policemen. Now the activists build their destructed park again – and the barricades are equal to. Because the next storm is determined

It is raining on wednesday morning in the istanbul gezipark. Fabricated activists are sitting in front of their tents and looks for half-empty meadows for the first time for two weeks. "A storm has broken over us", complains of meral. She does not mean the storm, which in the morning the last rest of tranengas washed out of the air.

They were the forest 24 hours of the last two weeks, the istanbul experienced on tuesday and wednesday morning. Thousands of demonstrators delivered striving bays with the police. That "end of tolerance", from which the turkish prime minister had previously spoken, massive violence leads to the beginning. "I have never experienced something like that", says hassan with red eyes.

The shopping strike istklal has become at night to the center of the protest. Floral bubble, sewer pipes, self-torn watching house are stacked to barricades. Flying from the dark behind it in the meantime unworthy tranengasgranates. Even passers-by you only see with breathing mask.

Fuball fans such as the 24-year besiktas-hassan hassan are considered kind of protest elite troupe. From "radical border groups" speaks istanbul’s governor at night. But the covenarian from people who all night over the istanbul district of beyoglu stroms is perhaps the most varied in the history of turkey: from countless socialist and left-wing radical groups to muslim organizations. The flags of kurdish organizations are also visible as those of turkish nationalists and kemalists. Long demands have nothing to do with the shopping center, which should be built in the gezipark. More political freedoms, less influence of religion. How to look exactly? "Daruber we talk when tayyip is gone", says the anarchist kazim.

In addition to circumcision of bourgeois freedoms and massive police violence, they also protest against the role of the media. For days, the state-owned television channels had ignored the protests. On wednesday, the turkish broadcasting farming rtuk condemned four government-critical tv institutions for their coverage of fines. Hardly a transfer car on the taksim square, which is not carved with protest logan.

When one of them is on tuesday evening in flames and to see the dark smoke over the very istanbul, dozens of passengers cheer the use of the police water carpers. "Please go home" is not just the cynical announcement from the police ‘s speakers, but also the demand of many people in the istanbul district beyoglu. More than half of the turkish population rejects the demands of the demonstrators now, announced on wednesday the turkish social research institute andy-ar. Blob 7.5 percent spoke out for the continuation of the protests.

Battle for the Gezipark: No peace after the storm

Photo: fabian kohler

"The escalation was planned"

But even within the ruling party akp, some criticize the price of the minister prosident. The "taksim platform", in which the majority of groups have joined together in the gezipark, tours of turkish politicians coordinated by the park. Also akp politicians should have looked at the destructed tents on wednesday. From a supposedly planned meeting with erdogan you do not know anything. "We were not going to go if it was the offer", says one of the organizers.

Reason for the rejection of speech is above all the massive police power: "you can not be so mischievous. This escalation was planned", throws kazim the police. He is working on wednesday morning to repair a supply status in the camp. Medicines, tranengasmasks and biscuits are actually distributed here. Now everything is distributed between torn tent planes and broken stoods. For hours, the police live on tuesday a few violent demonstrators. "None of us woman, who was that, and seemingly none of them was arrested", says kazim. "The police wanted it to come to riots to have an excuse to act against us", he adds. The amptions also include photos on which to see how two demonstrators seem to wear police radio accessories in the bags.

Battle for the Gezipark: No peace after the storm

Photo: fabian kohler

Part of the plan goes up: despite the opposite promise, the police reluctance on tuesday evening parts of the park. "We are happy that nobody was totry trampled", recalls kazim. With sound grenades, the police lost a mass panic in the meantime on the taksim square. Thousands of demonstrators escapes in the already over-compatible gezipark. "Then you have not covered us with tranengas", kazim says about the hours in which the sanitate troops of the camp wore almost minus injured by the park. How many injured there was nobody paid this night. 5000 be it since the beginning of the protests, says the turkish arzteverband.

"For a long time i can not bear this terror", also say meral. On wednesday morning, not all want to continue with the protest. Many have dismantled their tents at night, donating the battle for the barricade. Other protests again for the jerk of erdogan: "tayyip istifa". Meanwhile, the first tourists return to the taksim square, work their umbrellas together, posing in front of waterers. The rain has listed at the gezipark. The storm takes.