Yellow mehlwermer are admitted as a novel food in the eu

Yellow Mehlwermer are admitted as a novel food in the EU

In the eu, for the first time, an insect is approved as a novel food. The eu states have agreed to a corresponding proposal of the european commission for dried yellow mehlwermer. The formal decision and an act of the commission should follow in the coming weeks. The act is to bring requirements for food labeling, which contain products from insects.

The foregoing was a scientific evaluation by the european authority for food safety (efsa). The larvae of the tenebrio molitor kafer can be used as a snack or as an ingredient in some foods. Currently, the efsa eleven approaches for the supreme of other insects.

Millions of people in the world already consume daily insects, the eu commission succeeds. Your strategy "from the yard to the table" identify insects as an alternative protein source that can change the change to a more sustainable food system.

The welter composition organization (fao) sees insects as a healthy source of food with high fat, protein, vitamin, fiber and mineral content. The fao ames that about 2 billion people of insects to renew 1900 different species. The most commonly consumed insects are cafes, caterpillars, bees, wasps and ants. Grasshoppers and grilling, cicadas and termites follow on the further burst.

Okological advantages

The rearing of insects for food was okologically advantageous because they efficiently convert food to produce less greenhouse gas, less water and farmland. Thanks to the biocon version, insects of the eu commission also apply as a recipe against the waste of food.

"Novel food" are all foods that before the 15. May 1997 not used in a significant extent in the european union for human consumption. According to the regulation about novel foods ("novel food"-regulation) requires an eu-wide, among other things, from efsa before such a product can be brought to the eu market. On the basis of efsa findings, the eu commission recommends the eu countries to allow a novel food.

Novel foods will only be allowed if you are no risk for human health. Dried yellow mehlwermer were strictly scientifically rated at the request of the company eap group. Among the uses and uses proposed by eap are safe, emphasizes the commission.


Eap had suggested, baked goods, musliri bars, biscuits and crackers, gaps, chocolate, pasta or salad dressing to 10 percent with whole or ground flourwormers. The company refers to his daughter micronutris, which has developed a system for qualitaire protection according to iso 22000. Among other things, the mehlwermer are controlled regularly on the presence of mycotoxins and impurities such as heavy metals as well as organochloro pesticides, pyrethroids and organophosphate pesticides.

Studies showed that with oral administration of 3000 mg tenebrio molitor / kg body weight of over 90 days, no adverse effects occur. However, in several studies, the allergen potential in people reported, which react particularly sensitive to crustaceans. Could be symptoms such as rhinitis, asthma and contact curtain. Therefore, micronutris recommends a label with the inscription: "containing crustentahnliche allergens".

Complete insects were already sold in the eu as they did not fall under the novel food regulation. There were legal uncertainties, which by a judgment of the european court of justice of 1. October 2020 was clarified. According to judgment, all insects were allowed to be placed on the market without preliminary. The new current novel food regulation, which since the 1. January 2018 applies, looks clear intekks as novel foods.