Vmware brings vrealize automation cloud to europe

VMware brings VREALIZE Automation Cloud to Europe

According to locations in the us, australia and singapore for the american and asian market, vmware is now targeting europe: in a press release announced the virtualizer, its automation service vreealize automation cloud now in frankfurt, the "geographic and oconomic center of europe", to host.

Developer and users should be able to access resources faster and easier to access resources, even because data latency and connectivity ies could be minimized. With the vrealize automation cloud, however, a consistent operating model with uniform guidelines over clouds can be enforced, a service level agreement maintained administrators a high availability and more security.

The new location brings it with itself that the data of european customers do not leave europe. With the benefits of vrealize automation cloud, companies in europe involve data protection, data sovereignty and other legal requirements. In addition, vmware makes all the terms of use, security and compliance certifications publicly, determines which data collects it and what happens to them.

Further information about the vrealize suite 8.1 can be found here.