“Transform spain into a holle”

During the managing government in spain claims that the wireholders of the massacre of 11. Marz to have in madrid, threatens al-qaeda with new work. The spanish population is unsettled

Al qaeda has turned to the right-wing radical spanish newspaper abc and threatens to "spain in a holle" transform. New connecting will give it if the country is not "reat immediately from iraq and afghanistan". The fax of abc was written in arabic and is considered genuine. It was signed by abu dujan al afgani on behalf of al-qaida on a video to the massacre in madrid on 11. Marz has known. The ceasefire, the ansar al-qaeda after the election victory of the socialists on the 15th. Marz had been pronounced, the organization is back and gives the government time to the 14th. To deduct the troops from iraq.

At the weekend, iraq came to violent mass demonstrations of appendages of the shiite manner muktada al-sadr in baghdad, kufa and nadschaft. Sadr’s militia had a barrack of occupation forces in nadschaf. Spanish soldiers tied over 20 iraqis and injured a few hundred. That brought the spaniards into sight and the atmosphere further fueled. Us troops have now put the city closed under the state of exception. An arrest warrant was ied against sadr.

After the new al-qaeda threat, spain was able to stand another bloodbath, even if the managing government did so on sunday, as if the land has the most grossest behind him. Interior minister angel acebes explained after the police action on the weekend: "the hard core of the terrorists who are the connection of the 11. Marz performed, was either arrested or has been killed by collective suicide." funf islamists had hunted the air on saturday in madrid when their apartment was gentled by the special contribution group geo. Among the dead besides abdennabi kounjaa and asri rifat anouar was also their boss serhan ben abdelmajid fajet and his deputy jamal ahmidan, declared acebes, who had named another wire later last week (terrorist hunt in spanish).

The action was a complete success, explained acebes. For the first time, a geo-member has been killed, eleven other militar were injured. Three are still in a critical condition. Because 200 tinder and ten kilos of explosives have been found, acebes says, "upcoming connection" be prevented. Although the district was sealed, at least three people could flee. As the governmental newspaper el mundo reports, two intentional terrorists have been arrested again, one in cuta, the spanish exclave in africa, and another in fuenlabrada at madrid. At the former, it can not be one of the enameled action, nearby is not yet known. Anyway, it is believed that some islamists have sacrificed themselves on saturday so that the others can flee and the fight can continue. The small amount of explosives also speaks that the group has other bearings or operating multiple groups independently, as the drohfax suggests.

The constriction of the spanish ex-minor, who allegedly sold the islamists 100 kilogram explosives goma 2 is always shaky (terrorist hunting in spanish). Only 100 kilos for the connection in madrid were used, with the find of the explosive in madrid and with the bomb on the rails, but it is already more than 120 kilos goma 2. Abc even explains that there were another 60 kilograms of goma 2 have been found. Where you have to enter the messages from abc with caution, the newspaper likes to block unroubled messages of the secret service and is often more involved in disinformation than information.

The population in spain is now highly unsettled. There is the traffic chaos caused by the attempted train stop in eastern travel traffic still the smallest problem. The fear of arabs rose. In the metro, silence often prevails a spooky silence and everyone watches everyone. Many demand from the socialists, finally the election promise to use and deduct the troupe from iraq. But those currently have gluck that the conservatives still drove the government and they are not yet directly responsible.

In madrid moved yesterday over 20.000 people for peace and against terrorism through the strain. The demonstration conducted by many psoe members became a protest against the aznar government. In a call that was read at the end, all those responsible asked to fight against terrorism with the weapons of dialogue and tolerance. The "war policies" was declined, "to subject other folks with targets that are foreign to our interests. This is far from the way to a more peaceful world, creates more violence, causing more dead, more hatred and is the humus for the cultivation of terrorist violence". From these reasons, the deduction of the spanish troops was demanded from iraq.