Today the third nmd test grunes light for us missile sign?

New militaryoktrin allows first to use nuclear weapons against "rogue states"

So it has planned the pentagon: today on friday at a still unknown time, a huge explosion will occur halfway between california and kwajalin atoll (marshall islands) in the atmosphere high above the pacific. The prototype of a new us intercepting rocket will make a replica of a nuclear bias head fired by a minuteman ii intercontinental rocket. Bill clinton simulates the aggression of a so-called rogue state to the usa.

Is today the third NMD test grunes light for US missile sign?

What is so reprehensible? If the test does not go as farmer us rocket tests next to it, then this is the end of the global peacekeeping of peace, limited (just just under 10 years old). The screw of nuclear rusting is turned again and us will be the continuation of the "starwars"-dream of ronald reagan operating and build a sign against ballistic atomic missiles. In a targeted goal with a collision speed of more than 26,000 hourly kilometers of goods, the starting signal is also set for a new, uncontrolled worldwide atomic call.

Not only russia and china, not only india and pakistan as newcomers among the nuclear light, but also the european nato allies burrowing, with the national missile defense system (nmd), the usa for the next decades could achieve such a strategic consideration that it is possible to use in crisis situations without fear of counterwise atomic weapons against other countries. How often us prasident and militars at all their coarse wars of korea, vietnam to the gulf war to use carauded, nuclear weapons, is u.A. Provided by reports of the us congress. However, she always held a possible soviet counterattack and thus the fear of exposing the territory of the us to an attack, from the push of the push.

In the first of june, the senate of the united states decided to have a new one "deep penetration"-to build atomic bomb. This means further reducing the duty threshold for nuclear weapons, because the new bomb with relatively low charge is specially used specifically the destruction of deep bunker. Finally the usa could then "lift saddam hussein fuchsbau without burning all baghdad", commented a speaker of the pentagon the decision before us media. The present generation of "deep penetration"-bomb is the ten-year-old b-61, which has a minimum scope of 500,000 tons tnt, so still threefold the hiroshima bomb. Already in the yugoslavian war, the public lived on so-called collateral damage. A nuclear weapon, which makes only a bit collaterally and not properly flat, which must be slightly smaller than the b-61 to keep global protests in limits after their use.

Whether the test is succeeded today or not, does not really matter, report us media, u.A. The last edition of the news magazine time of 10. July. It is important today to clarify the world substitute that the us could ward off every attack. In your own country, the business is operated with the fear. At www.Protectamericansnow.Com, (in german: protection_die_ameriker_s.Com) can be viewed immediately under the entry of the postal code of its city, which lander threatens a personal with intercontinental atomic missiles. Such mischief was invented by frank gaffney, a former state secretar in the ministry of defense under prasident ronald reagan.

It also does not surprise that the idea of the sign over the us in the american openness and also in the congress widespread consent, not least by advertising the well-profitable rusts corporations. Alone in the preparatory work of the $ 30 billion expensive new nmd projects have earned the four large american weapons producers boeing, lockheed martin, raytheon and trw together 2.2 billion dollars. According to calculations of time (ebd.) did you spend $ 35 million for lobbying alone. Boeing now prepares a commercial cable with tv spots in which the need for nmd is to be committed to multimedia.

More and fewer people outside the us believe that nmd really against an alleged threat of "rogue states" is directed, but the old endeavor of the us is followed to secure their hegemony by military invulnerability up to the first mission of nuclear weapons, as echelon is not on the so-called "rogue" is aligned. An indication of dafur are the us radarases developed in norway and danemark, which made the russian prasident putin attentive during his visit to berlin and not accept russia. Unfortunately, the thought of a first use of nuclear weapons no more military theoretical sandbox game. For example, the nato militar committee has already received the initial use of nuclear weapons against so-called rogue states as part of the further development of the new strategic concept of nato a few weeks ago on a few weeks ago on the basis of the unibustraus mc / 400/2.