The militar and the millenium bug

According to a report of the "halifax chronicle herald" will the canadian militar really look for the date change. "Militar operations will have a significant influence", from this william legue, commander and logistics officer of the canadian greenwood base is convinced. The base does not just want to buy new rough generators and feature buildings as emergencies, but also test alternative communication systems, drove emergency posts and create notrations. In addition, a holiday lock was previewed. Individual relocates of the militar also want to secure the critical days privately privately with noid gregators and food advances. In the united states, pentagon, navy, air force and cia are so honestly worry about their action for action after the silvestern night www.Gao.Gov.

The us department of defense expects a potential irritation of the early warning systems and has already demanded around eight billion us dollars in june for the necessary software repairs. Nato has one "y2k-buro" furnished for the control and monitoring of macers for its members. The responsibility ultimately remains with the individual accession. The german federal government estimates the effort for the area of defense on uber 160 million marks. Since 1996, a specially furnished coordination office is preparing on the hardthohe on the date conversion, at the end of 1999 she wants to complete all changes. Functional authorities still wants the peace ministry "completely out".

Round half of the approximately 60.000 pcs in the civil and military area mub probably be improved. In may of this year, the company’s information and weapons used systems have already been investigated to coarse parts, changing changes were initiated. At this time, the investigations of sanitation and real estate guides and access control systems were not yet completed. Details of emergency planning have not yet been published by the german bundeswehr. ()