Scrappage scheme portal: authorities promise improvements

Scrappage scheme portal: authorities promise improvements

Hanover. March 2009 – following the ongoing access problems and the data protection glitches in the online reservation for the car scrappage scheme that became known yesterday, the responsible federal office of economics and export control (bafa) and the service provider it has commissioned arago – institute for complex data management ag for improvement. Although there is no official confirmation that the newly established website is hosted by arago, the ip address space under which the url www.Ump.Bafa.De can be reached, is reserved for the company from frankfurt am main.

Burger data encrypted in the future

In an interview with heise autos, holger beutel, a spokesman for the authorities, announced that it is expected that the encrypted transmission will be discontinued in the course of wednesday, april 1.¬†April, the encrypted transmission of the applicants’ data will be implemented. Numerous applicants had complained that their personal and car data had not been encrypted up to now. The question of data encryption is new in the development of the application "ump new" bafa today admits that the ie of data encryption was simply overlooked. In total, the agency had only about ten calendar days to develop an application process that takes into account the change in award conditions decided by the federal government. Since 30. March, a purchase contract or a binding order for a new car is sufficient to qualify for a scrapping bonus of 2,500 euros. Originally, the bonus could only be claimed by those who had registered their new car – buyers of cars with a delivery period therefore felt at a disadvantage.

Online procedure without alternative due to flood of applications

The online procedure was developed at the request of the authorities, their spokesperson explained further: "because of the original cap of 600.000 premiums in the order in which applications were submitted, it was necessary to determine the order in which applications were received down to the second. The expected wave of ump-neu applications from people who already had their purchase contract in their pocket as of the 30. However, the bafa’s capacity in terms of personnel and space had been exceeded by the time it was able to process the scrappage scheme on paper in march.