Prisoner is camphor: kurds experts

Prisoner IS Camphor: Kurds experts

Warehouse al-hol, where children are also housed with german stateburgerschaft. Image (october 2019): voa / common-free

Even in the early year, they should start in northeast, whether germans or other governments participate. An internationally supported tribunal ware of the kurdish self-government but mostly

The problem of is prisoners in northeastern syria has not disappeared, even if they are out of the headlines first. As is known, there are a lot of is-camphor andanhangers with european state burners. But the european countries as well as germany are not awarded that they took up their state burgers who have joined the is and their children without themselves. They can be time, decide on case to fall.

The kurdish self-government in the region has now determined that she wants to face foreign is campers from the spring of the spring of this year – whether the governments of the states to which the is campers have participated in this procedure. The co-chairman of the co chairman of the self-government’s self-government, abdulkarim omar currently on a message of rojava information centers (ric).

183 plus potential 40 german trap

Dear commission of self-government, of course, if there is international support for a tribunal. Like the background to the legal proceedings, is explained in a 46-page document of the ric.

It can be found in the case of germany that 66 men and 117 children are held with german state-owned custody under control of kurdish self-government. It is examined that among the 66 manners 40 are suspected that they are in "crimes against humanity" be involved. For the children is suggested that you pay for 21 beyond the mentioned 117, the one "connection with germany" but have no german state-owned.

Is surprising that no woman with german stateburgerschaft appears in this additional payment. The list is not complete, it is called in the preliminary remarks on the overview. The numbers are difficult to determine; a clear overview approximately in the camp al-hol, where alone in the department called "annex", the for non-syrians and non-iraqiers is provided 11.200 women and children live, is probably not available.

The investigation in the camp are not easy. Access for supervisor and for guests has become clearly risky, fanatic is women’s groups showed brutal violence that the camp works in certain areas according to their laws. The waxes control by distance so as not to risk too much. Checks, as they performed the bnd in al-hol in early last year, were now becoming difficult. You call al-hol "mini-is state" with sleeper cells and many recruits for the is.

It is expensive to determine the parents of children and clear the state burgerhood, we were mentioned by german previously months ago. The early declaration of the bnd employees did not like that the offoffness in this country had won a clear picture of the number of german women and children in the camps in northern syria.

Legally convenient zone for the government

Uncomfortable is also the legal situation as well as the "is-rucker"-politics of the federal government. De facto it is so that the federal government is waiting for judgments of german courts until they initiate mails on the backing of children or women. She decides on case and has set it up in a gray zone.

In the opinion mentioned will mention (on page 25) an opinion of the german federal prosecutor, according to which processes against is-rucker "from personnel deficiency" could not be carried out. The report relies on a news agency message of 19. February 2019 in the live ticker of the munchner mercury, where it is called, "the juxtapy of a two-digit number in syria prisoner is camphor to bring the german justice to the stress boundary after the judgment of the judge" and: "for the state-owned general bundesanwalt, the ‘with the current staff barely to be forced’".

This is seen from the point of view of kurdish administration as creating a strange standards, as germans are therefore very glad that their state burgers are not held without judicial proceedings in northeast sysyria, and they are back to court in their own country in court.

It can be adding that the german representatives would probably not be accepted without further ado an international tribunal, which the kurdish self-government most likely. Because germany is very careful against each diplomatic step, which could somehow understood or interpreted that german representatives recognize the kurdish self-government as a kind of state entity.

The gift riesenarger with erdogan. And a lot of other complications, as you can handle bashar al-assad completely. This makes the german government officially, outside intelligence contacts, since 2011. But an international tribunal on syrian terrain, for which the syrian government is scaled, which is not asked, that is an affront that has no small dimension.


The diplomatic complications lead to large expenses in the handover of german is-belongings, which were brought back to germany, because this had to be done on intermediate stations in order to commit no action, which could lose a recognition of a kurdish state train – and that was also stated according to law firms from german authorities as a radiation reason for repatriations.

In truth, the reasons to do with the fear of the public reaction. Having such jerks, especially when it comes to manner driven to jihad to syria, little jerking in the population. In france, news about ruckholactions regularly drove to emport. In germany that will not be different.

The envision of the kurdish self-government, according to the court of court on the prisoners of foreign is campers, may be unofficially possible to consent, but officially not, because the recognition of the kurdish courts and those decisions are on the same problem, with which the ruckholactions already do have.

Although the eu governments have no basic problem with the fact that kurds are from the sdf military partners in nato member military farms, which also equates to official recognition, but one immediately has a rough problem with the nato and business partner turkey, if one of the self-government of the kurds ("terrorist", erdogan) a recognition is admitted as a valid legislation. Before that, not only the germans are shy up.

Especially since the rejection of the kurdish proposal is easily grounded with the reference that the representatives of the netherlands for some time have been trying for some time – with braked or prevented deployment, conditions for the establishment of an international tribunal in iraq. But that takes from different reasons and in the current situation in iraq is not to think about it – so the eu landers can continue in their comfortable "wait"-stay.

For the kurdish self-government in northeastern syria, on the other hand, the situation is not comfortable. She has to make any reason to tempo and prere in the matter. The supply of the prisoners is camphor and showing in the camps is expensive and becomes more difficult as grenzubergange for auxiliary supplies were closed. In addition, the situation has been heating up in the camps for months, they are centers of riots, dangerous for supervision, and a base for the is recruited there.

That now more and more escape strings from idlib, including all likelihood also family members of jihadists, escapes into the region of kurdish self-government, the situation charged in addition to.