Player graphics cards: geforce rtx 3080 ti and rtx 3070 ti in the starting poses

Player graphics Cards: GeForce RTX 3080 Ti and RTX 3070 Ti in the starting poses

According to numerous frames over shifts, nvidia’s geforce rtx 3080 ti is to appear in june 2021. The envision is therefore shortly before the start of the virtual hardware fair computex 2021 on 29. May, whereupon reviews and the sale follow. In parallel, the geforce rtx 3070 ti could appear.

The geforce rtx 3080 ti is ranked with 10.240 shader cores hardly slower than the top model geforce rtx 3090, but should be equipped with 12 instead of 24 gdr6x memory. This underpin images of an alleged geforce rtx 3080 ti suprim x from msi, which is already sold in the united arab emirates according to a reddit post.

Manufacturer’s instructions

Msi has shown the graphics card category geforce rtx 3080 ti in the meantime on its own website, but now removed. Videocardz shows an allegedly from msi present presentation, which both the geforce rtx 3080 ti as well as the geforce rtx 3070 ti. The website also comes from the booking date at the end of may – previously, the month’s center was the question.

The geforce rtx 3070 ti is intended to use a full-expansion of the ampere graphics chip ga104 with 6144 shader cores, so have a good four percent more computing ones than the previous geforce rtx 3070. A coarse power plan is to be expected for memory: with 8 gb gddr6x- instead of gddr6-ram goods a transfer rate of at least 600 instead of as before 448 gb / s possible. However, there should be no change in the crowd.

The computex finds this year in digital form of 31. May to 30. June. Manufacturers use the hardware trade fair or their environment for new arrival. Amd boss lisa su stop on the morning of 01. June at 4am (mesz) official computex keynote.