Office 365 now is called microsoft 365

Office 365 now is called Microsoft 365

Microsoft has scanned some innovations around ms office, which mainly affect private users.

From the 21. April will become the private customer subscription office 365 staff (1 user) and office 365 home (up to 6 users) by two new abomodels. Microsoft 365 single and microsoft 365 family and cost the same as their processes, ie 69 euros a year for the single version and 99 euros per year for the family version. Existing subscriptions are automatically converted.

To the office programs and services contained so far (z.B. Onedrive) now come a specially designed version of the communication program team and a package called "family safety" added. The latter contains, above all, a number of functions, which, for example, should control and control the computer, smartphone and internet use of the offspring. Guarded the screen time on android and windows advised and the xbox, lists the useful life of apps such as netflix, games, social media and messenger programs and allow the white and blacklisting of websites.

Also auber house the offspring should remain in mind: location tracker and geofencing keep worried parents about that "where" their children up to date; a driving stitching of the woman, how quickly the young welfare license has come there. Microsoft emphasizes that all monitoring functions are opt-in, so that children must be approved by the children and can be switched off.

Microsoft office: style and presentation consultant

Also a few new features for word, excel and powerpoint were shown. So word and outlook text editor will contain a kind of style advisor that analyzes texts and, for example, improved formulations. This should work in 20 languages. Powerpoint gets a series of new animated templates and one "presenter coach". For example, he pays attention to the prospective point and melody of the present and ruffles him immediately on his moderator screen. He also warns the simple reading of film text. For the time being, this will only work in english. Excel wants to get more overview of the personal finances and connects credit card and bank data with the microsoft account. However, the money for excel named function is first disclosed on us customers.

In the presentation, the new office functions were shown only in the browser versions; but they were also allowed to get to the locally installed desktop programs. It is certain that they will only have office-365 subscribers.

News from microsoft edge

There were also a few envisivity to the edge browser. The new denial of the chromium-based browser should receive some new features in the coming months. One of them wants to encounter the problem that in many open tabs the page titles in the tabs to recognize in less recognition. At the click of a mouse, edge orders all tabs in a vertical sidebar that is wide enough to read the titles and cover them as well again in the horizontal tab bar.

A completely new password manager contains edge against many expectations. However, accepted passwords, which are entered via autofill, optionally checked whether they appear somewhere in the darknet. Having how this control will take place exactly, microsoft did not love themselves.

The term "microsoft 365" so far, for a special version of office 365 for business customers, which adds more security functions and mdm (mobile device management) in addition to the usual services. Office 365 will only be played in the business, enterprise and education variants after renaming the private customer subsos.