New battery type: 0 to 80 percent in 5 minutes

New battery type: 0 to 80 percent in 5 minutes

Plane for electric sports cars with breathtaking performance data is now almost nothing more. With his study mark zero, the swiss-german start-up piech automotive at the geneva motor show in this marz still provided for a view. For the co-urban anton piech is not only one of the many sons of the fruheren vw chief ferdinand piech, his car should also bring a technological breakthrough: a battery that can be loaded into 80 percent within less than 5 minutes, not even expensive must be cooked. In the interview with technology review online betrayal klaus schmidt, development chief at piech automotive, more about the ambitious tarpaulin.

Tr: has at the geneva motor show piano automotive the studio mark zero presented. How was the resonance?

Klaus schmidt: the resonance was very excellent, many interested parties wanted to sign a purchase contract immediately. The design obviously hit the taste of the visitor. In addition, the loading technology has led to coarse astonishment and many questions – rightly, we are not the first to promise the fast shop.

The data on the battery is indeed remarkable. How is this progress achieved?

In may we will give the veil of this technology some air. She comes from our partner desten group from china. We can not yet reveal any details in order not to danger to the current patenting procedure.

What can you say about the technology? It is possible for batteries with solid instead of liquid electrolyte?

No, the batteries are classic lithium-ion cells with a new structure.

Many observers found amazing that such a technical breakthrough with a small company like pithe automotive to come to the market. How do you explain that?

The company desten has developed the battery in years of research. With us as a small partner, it is easier to bring the technology to the market as if six-digit stucco numbers were used immediately. I am sure that technology will provide for a stir on the market.

They were putting their hand to the fire, that the technology stops, which is currently promised, and that the mark zero comes to the market exactly?

I looked at the batteries and cells exactly. There are already certificates from a chinese prufinstitut, and we have already commissioned the university of esslingen with tests. The prestigious company hofer and the tuv sud have just overcome the whole successfully. In this respect, it will definitely be this technology we will come up with the market.

The more amazing appears that the mark zero is designed modular according to your company, ie alternatively also with internal combustion engine, can be realized as hybrid or fuel cell. Do not really trust the battery technology?

We are convinced of the technology, but we can not say in which direction the entire industry will develop. We therefore want to remain technique. If there are other concepts in addition to purely electric vehicles, we can swing quickly with our modular concept.

What does the further schedule look like?

By the end of this year, a first testing carrier should be finished with our technology. The battery offers completely new possibilities for the recuperation and control, and we want to try it out. At the beginning of 2020, the parts for prototypes are then assembled and assembled until the spring year, so that we can verify the powertrain and can develop the operating interface ready. In about two and a half to three years from today it should give the car to buy.

Where is it manufactured?

We do not plan our own production rates, but instead use contract manufacturing in europe, where well-known german car brands can be produced. Here we go the last steps.

You yourself from the classic german auto industry – after 30 years as a vehicle developer at bmw, they were first changed to china to qoros and now back in the home. How did this way came about?

According to the 2008 financial crisis, bmw m were stopped many projects, so i have adopted an offer from qoros and changed in 2010. I’m simply technically interested and did not want to miss the opportunity to develop new cars. I have also gained experience in a start-up, which i can use now at piech. I have groben spab at this work.

Piech automotive is located in zurich and munchen, how are the tasks spread to the two locations?

The head office is in zurich, the development takes place in munchen. As a location in germany, only munchen or stuttgart came into question, because one needs the right suppliers in the next, and that only exist in these two regions.