Microsoft azure integrated couchbase cloud

Microsoft Azure integrated CouchBase Cloud

For the first time, couchbase cloud is available on azure. It is the managed service version of the multi-cloud-to edge-nosql database couchbase server. It depends on a memory first architecture with sql friendly query language. In addition, couchbase cloud robust sdks for developers and is schematic json format, which allows easier to scale.

According to the manufacturer, the combination of couchbase server and the integration on the in-virtual private cloud (vpc) of microsoft azure reduces the costs associated with traditional deployments, without restrictings in the control and security of the data. With the help of the integrated user interface ("single pane of glass") for multicloud management and cross-datacenter replication, multi-clusters can be managed across different cloud regions.

Billing after use

Couchbase cloud is available in different licensing models. Users can, for example, between commitment billing or prepayment without monthly limits elections. For iaas subscriptions (infrastructure-as-a-service) there are no restrictions according to couchbase. The use can be configured and impaired according to the customer’s development, test and operating requirements.

Next it is that users per cluster between slas (developer pro) or productive operation (enterprise) options (enterprise). In addition, no csp-lock-in (cloud service provider) takes place through customer-specific applications.

Couchbase cloud on microsoft azure is now available as a 30-day trial in the respective customer account in the two variants developer pro for development and test and enterprise for the support of productive systems.