Luxury light

Luxury light

Munchen, 10. June 2015 – the mercedes s-class presented two years ago has properly submitted in some ways. Since the very rough spray in this class are over, the manufacturers hardly remain as the design to adapt to the time taste and install even more electronics. This recipe also pursues bmw with the next edition of the 7 series.


The new notice sign of the munchner does not set up luxury or pomp, but on the core competence of the bavaria – spab, dynamics and efficiency. While the s-class with optical prasenz and opulent luxury, to maybach and pullman versions, to attract customers from all over the world, it will take the 5.10 meter long 7 bmw (long version: 5.24 meters) significantly more subtle. There are only two 7-year variants that differ only in the long of the wheelbase. Despite the complete new development with the integration of abundant carbon, the design is largely based on the successful transaction.

Especially from the beginning, the new top model with its flat front and headlamps in led or laser technology slim. That should probably be visually underlined that the sixth generation has closed. Depending on the version it should be up to 130 kilograms, promises bmw. Serial mabig gets the bmw led headlamp, laser light with a range of up to 600 meters is available for a surcharge.

Four engines

At the start of sales in autumn, bmw offers four engines. The flow of top model is the 750i with serial-mabigic four-wheel drive. His v8 offers 450 hp and a maximum torque of 650 nm. He is a little faster than a similar mercedes s500 4matic with 4.4 seconds in the standard sprint. In the cycle, he undercuts the mercedes with 8.1 to 8.3 liters: for the s500 4matic in the nefz depending on tire format between 9 and 9.8 liters. The comparable audi a8 is minimal weaker, with a consumption in the nefz of 8.9 liters but also thirstier than the new 750i.

In the 740i, a six-cylinder works with 326 hp and 450 nm. He is not offered as the only engine with four-wheel drive. The 740i also reaches 250 km / h and is at a minimum of 5.5 seconds from the stand on tempo 100. In the cycle bmw promises 6.6 to 7 liters. The comparable strong s-class is only offered with four-wheel drive and should get along in the nefz with 8.4 to 8.9 liters.