Klartext: advice for the travel enduro

Klartext: advice for the travel enduro

To the reporting of the ktm 690 enduro an interesting inquiry reached me: "to whom you would advise to a ktm 790 adventure?" what i can read from this inquiry: the man is interested in a driving report of this motorcycle. We want to accomplish something like this in the course of the year, because he will certainly not remain the only interested party. Ktm’s announcement of the smaller adventure was met with much acclaim in the motorcycle scene, because the suv idea has the motorcycle world almost as firmly in its grip as the car world. But to whom was i advised to buy a 790 adventure? Objectively speaking: no one.

Everything the 790 adventure can do on asphalt, the 790 duke can do better, cheaper and more gently (or depending on your taste: less hatefully). And everything that the 790 adventure can do on the gravel roads that travel enduro riders, the 790 duke can hardly objectively worse. Fruher™ there were many more unasphalted passages in the alps. Believe no one that because of all with tkc 80 up there or whatever one had earlier as klotzchenreifen so.

Subjectively, most riders probably ride better and safer on gravel with the duke because it’s lower and lighter and thus gives a safer feeling. Ktm claims the 790 duke is 20 kg lighter than the 790 adventure in its weird "dry weight" without batteries. It could well be up to 30 kg fully fueled. So i will recommend but no one the worse motorcycle. Only: as always, the answer is not that simple. Objectivity helps us with suvs.

The desire for reason

If we wish for something, then an inner impulse urges us to do it, the origin of which we cannot fully grasp in our consciousness. Nevertheless, we feel the need to explain our desires pseudologically – to ourselves and to our environment, because we perceive ourselves as rational beings. "I need a bmw x3 so i can pull my horse trailer across the field"."What horse trailer? Over which field?" "shut up!"

The information age helps us enormously here. There is a 360° spectrum of opinions and classifications for every vehicle – ready to be accessed at any time on every toilet aisle. I can see every vehicle as a complete knodel or as the most useful thing since the invention of fire and cite evidence whose authors see it exactly the same way i do.