Just under a billion debt for students

Just under a billion debt for students

Image: tim gouw / unsplash

Less jobs through the corona crisis, expensive rents, emergency loans. "New normal": the financial strength of the parents decides again with the training

The young ones get many promceeding in corona media reporting. Not only in germany, even in french media, is much of the recipient of the sub-traditional -0s the speech, which is allegedly more important than compliance with the behavioral rules for the occasion of the epidemic. As if she had nothing to fear.

It is hidden from those who had the privilege to celebrate in their youth unpolently of spacing rules friends and love that the youngers grow in a time survived by uncertainty with which the baby boomers were not confronted.

Studying was for the baby boomers, even if they came from financially less well-equipped ratios, because the studies usually have a part-time job; one could, if the bafog did not render themselves, to compete themselves, and build a self-standing existence. The control study time and the exam order love the freedom. That has changed since the bologna reform. With corona then other changes came.

Now it is reported that students in the corona time have four times as many applications to a study loan at the kreditanstalt fur reconstruction (kfw) as a year ago.

According to a letter from the federal ministry of education to the budget committee of the bundestag, around 30 were from may to september.800 application to a kfw study loan in a total height of 919.6 million euros. Last year, it was, according to information of a kfw spokeswoman, which described 2019 as an average year, only 8.500 application with a total volume of 315 million euros.

After all, the loan is interest-free, as this federal education minister anja karliczek announced at the end of april for emergency aid for students. The application for dam is from 8. May to marz 2021 possible. With prospects for loan understatement of up to 650 euros per month, for up to 14 semesters, which in the sum in this case on 54.Amount to 600 euros.

The minister of education merged a loan volume of "up to a billion euros". The sum is as good as well in early october. Additionally to the interest-free loan, which can also apply for foreign students, was still a help for the end of april "acute emergency trap" decided. Accordingly, students should be immediate "non-repayable" support from a special emergency phone. For this, the bmbf is 100 million euros to the german studentenwerk (dsw). How it looks like it has not been known.

The reason for emergency helps was the case by anja karliczek that students "have lost their portions by side jobs". After the youngest information of the mini-job center were in the period from marz to june "nationwide 837.004 less mini-job developed". In the hospitality industry alone are 325.000 places broken away (a decline of 35 percent).

There are 184 restaurants and other guests.000 mini jobs. These are "classic fields of work" for jobbend students. To the shortage of job opportunities that leads to a strong competition situation, comes the problem of scarce and expensive living space. Again, the competition has encouraged with poorer opportunities for students, as michael voigtlander explained the institute of german business (iw) in a short time:

Students compete with many other groups around the favorable apartments. Also by corona, this situation has encouraged. Some people had to shrink through the loss of their job, short-time work or similar housing technology. They are now applying to the same apartments as students. (…) students are not the optimal tenants. Because they rarely have a regulated income and rent mostly only on a short time, pull for an internship or after the end. The fluctuation and uncertainty is much gross for a landlord than a deserved couple, a single or a family.

Michael voigtlander

Voigtlander is co-author of the "student residence reports 2020". There it is found that in 27 of the 30 leading university the rentals for one "student pattern apartment" have risen.

The underested pattern apartment is 30 square meters of roughly and has a normal equipment:

It is located on the second floor, near the university and is ten to twenty years old. For such a flat you pay the most in munchen (such as all other living classes): 724 euros warm. In frankfurt, 508 euros are fally, in darmstadt there are still 440 euros. However, it is also much cheaper. Who is ready to draw to magdeburg, pay only 245 euros a month.


The bafog highest set for students is from winter semester 2020/21 at 861 euros. According to the student residence 2020, the students in 27 cities can not afford the model apartment with the maximum housing surcharge of 325 euros per month.

As it looks like, the university studies develops without the need for study goods, again becoming a training that can afford the youngness from the better households. No good base for the "science location germany".