For a new ground ethics

For a new ground ethics

Image: agroscope, / gabriela braendle / cc by-nd-2.0

Every day more than 100 billboard fields of floor flat are included in germany. In the last 30 years we have already lost a quarter of all soil in this country. A comment

Every year, about ten million hectares of arable flax are lost every year. The process is currently running: more and more people, but less and less fertile soil. Therefore therefore the dramatic species dies. And today, 800 million people are starving. In 50 years we will be about 11 billion people against 7.7 billion today. How do we want to renew more people with less and less ground??

Parking and hauser, strasts and factories take precedence against land and forestry flats. In many german bads, the soil question is quite quoted. Growing the claim to the ground, but the soil does not grow. Although the ground produce renewable raw materials, but soil are no renewable raw materials.

Rebuild or renovate and restore?

In addition to living room or nature is quit in hamburg and munchen, in berlin and dusseldorf, in frankfurt and freiburg. The ground prices are growing faster than the rental prices. On the 24th. February 2019 is coordinated in freiburg over the possibly large urban extension of its history – about whether in the district "dietenbach" 6.500 new apartments for 15.000 people should be built or whether the apartments can be created by upgrading and compacting the existing buildings. Rebuild or renovate and restore? High build in stock or even more soil seal? Can freiburg, our city can grow forever?

When the federal government has moved from bonn to berlin 25 years ago, bauminister has spent the parole: "obological construction is not built to build, but renovate and restore". In berlin, not a single ministry was rebuilt. When moving a whole government it was compacted, renovated and restored. Only the chancellery has been rebuilt. A role model for today’s dispute in many of the city.

Are there any alternatives to rebuild?

There are always alternatives. Nothing material growth forever – over the cancer. And the growth only until death. The growth economy is a death economy. Eternal growth is alone in the spiritual, spiritual, perhaps in the cultural and religious field. In all material areas, after the initial growth phase, the phase of the tire is. As people when he is 18 or 20 years old. No one would grow an exercise to the age. Instead of growth, after adolescence, maturity is in demand – as in humans, as well as in the economy.

The postal growth phase is the phase of healthy tires of an economy. The question arises: what do we want? Further cancer growth or healthy tire? More and more growth or a good life? The soil play a central role.

All life lives from a circa 30 centimeter of dun bottom layer among our docks. Without fertile ground there is no civilization: no precious wine and no clean water, no bread and no butter, no flour and no meal, no grass and no rose, no flora and no fauna.

The soil crisis is the most sued crisis of our time. The ground is the forgotten medium – even in environmental policy and often also in the environmental movement. Who knows that in a handful of soil more creatures exist than people live on earth? Who considers that the small rainworm of the "biological superstar" (christiane grefe) in the substrate?

The ground is a thousandsace

He stores greenhouse gases, is a water reservoir, nerves us and offers habitat for plants and animals, builds pollutants, produces biomass, is shelf life for raw materials and includes the archive of nature and cultural history. The history of humanity is a story of our soil. But now the ground shows us the limits of growth.

If we want to stay, ernst ulrich von weizsacker says, we have to change many things, especially our previous floor policy. Until 200 years ago we were still under a billion people on our planet. Today we are about seven billion and soon to eleven billion. In the old "empty world" of course, the limits of growth could not be recognized as clearly as today in one "full world".

Life now requires a new ground ethics, after a new mindfulness towards the ground. We have to learn again to make ground well. That’s not when we seal more and more soil. Thinking globally and act locally: finally understand the limits of growth. We live from the earth and will be back to earth, we horse at every christian funeral. The ground among our farms is the ashes of our coarse parents.

No life without ground

Already leonardo da vinci recognized: "we know more about the movement of the sky corkers than the ground among our docks." it’s high time to see more in the ground than as before "last dirt".

The ground is the base all life, he leads all dead into life. Each resurrection is the work of billions and reinfiliaries of restless smallest creatures in the ground: of larvae and spiders, mines and microbes, mushrooms and termites.