Electrical recycling makes problems

Electrical recycling makes problems

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Electrical and electronic devices can be returned for many years to the public recyclinghofs – since now there is also the possibility to bring back these devices in a single trade

The waste management goals in germany are: avoid reuse, recycling. However, the first two goals are achieved in practice only against coarse resistance. Manufacturers selling particularly long-lasting products, with the system-related disadvantage, to fight that their products are widely heavier than the cheap competitors. Therefore, corresponding high costs for securing the recycling, even if these products are not recycled due to their value and longevity.

Many of these high-quality devices remain a long way in the family than the children. Nevertheless, in addition to the higher bonds, their manufacturers also have to reduce completely other electrical apparatus as part of their recycling obligation, from which no single part can be used again in their production.

If gerate did not just recycle, but also reuse parts, but not only dismantling instructions from the manufacturer were provided for these devices, but unambiguous documentation to the individual components. However, such information has not been committed to the usual electrical apparatus for generations and are not relevant in the network. According to the information available, gross manufacturers prohibit reuse in their tenders.

Online trading through the excellent provider and automotive industry

There are currently two areas that are formally subject to recycling obligations and the cost burden of recycling according to the elektrog, but are excluded in practice. And this is quite simple because no one tracks the blatant.

In the online trade, provider from china or hong kong can be your webshops with .Operate de-extension and deliver the goods to germany without fulfilling the striking laws. The goods are supplied palletically in tariff free warehouse within the eu internal market, where it is neither dared, nor taxed. And from these fulfillment centers, it is then under the protection of post secrecy to the receptionist in germany. For these products, on the one hand, no recycling duties are deposited on how to pay by domestic manufacturers or handlers.

On the other hand, there is also no possibility to check the gates on compliance with okodesign, emc and safety regulations. The fact that the purchaser can claim in these cases no manufacturer’s warranty is mostly accepted due to the low purchase price. However, it has already given traums in which the builders of an inferior fake product has demanded from the original importer that this exchanges the fake product for free against an original version.

How to prevent the circumvention supplies with the help of duty-free fulfillment centers in the eu internal market, has been paying for the gross question marks for years. Since customs revenues at the eu-aubengrenze do not have to be the country they raise, but must be taken to the eu to brussel, the interest in the local authorities is rather low. The same applies to the import sales tax, which would be reimbursed during export, when it was not remained in the countryside. German customs can not overwake the intra-community flow of goods in the small parts present here. The state-owned authorities have completely capitulated before the described trade route.

Another field that has not been observed for a long time are the electrical and electronic accessories that are sold for use in the automobile. Automobiles are not subject to the elektrox. This also applies to all electrical and electronic vehicle accessories, which is firmly connected to the person skilled in the art. This migrates after the use of the vehicle with this in the rough press. The situation is different with products that the user can install in the vehicle even.

Jerktelle directory is not practical

On the side of the ear foundation there is a directory of the obligated jerk shops. However, this is by no means practical. Thus, when entering the postal code of a village entered as an example, about 2.500 inhabitants who did not have a single jerking point, including 450 committed jerking officials. During view, it shows that the majority of the jerk shops listed there are far from the region due to the given company name.

A link to the listed workers can not be found on the side of the ear foundation, but only to their recycling service providers. However, the electrical apparatus only takes over an order from his handler customers. The corresponding link is usually found on the website of the online handler. Since there are no regulations for the link, you have to search the link to the respective jerking page first.

For some jerking systems such as the "jerking system electroaltgerate deutsche post dhl" if one is linked only to the location search of the group. At the deutsche post group, you will find in the topic of electrical recycling, if you follow "electroreturn" seeks. There you will also land when you use electrical gersen with a large edge length of 25 centimeters via the jerk service of amazon.Want to handle.

However, there is also jerk service providers like "take-e-back", who have their own search function. There can be end customers after entering their postal code the next handlers can be found, which fulfills his jizzing obligation in cooperation with this service provider.

The ear foundation has prompted for demand to prefers to improve the search for racy on its website and also wants to take the delicious disposal service providers in the duty to make the search more customer-friendly.

Who guarantees the jizzing obligation of trade?

As with numerous other current regulations in the field of electrical consulting and trade with these, the jerk obligation of the trade of the german authorities will not monitor. It will be with a penalty of up to 100.000 euro in the case of a violation of the jerkiness fee threatened. However, it is not a single case known in which this penalty has been detected.

The only institution that is systematically taped in this context is the very controversial "german environmental aid" (moron). Most recently, the duh has a stand of 20.7.2017 publishes the results of your jerking test of electrical and electronic equipment in stationary trade. Against the mobelhandler ikea, the duh is proceeded in connection with the obligation to turn on electrical apparatus by trading in front of the district court of frankfurt am main, which under the business number: 3 – 10 0 16 i 17 on 28.9.In 2017, the judgment followed.