Electric cars: toyota shows more concept i studies

Electric cars: toyota shows more concept i studies

Toyota wants to show two more electric car studies of its series concept-i at the automess tokyo motor show 2017, which runs at the end of october, as well as an electric scooter reminiscent of the segway. As already in the concept i car shown in january 2017, the ces should also be used in the new artificial intelligence. She should take care of the car detecting the passengers and self-standing after their wishes, toyota shares with.

Car stimulates drivers

As with show cars of this kind you will probably never be on the strain. However, technique that is installed in them should be tested in other vehicles from the year 2020, for example, furs autonomous driving.

In which with 4.51 m long, 1.83 m wide and 1.475 m highly large new study car can take four people. The car should recognize situations in which it was necessary to take the control in the face of the driver’s condition, toyota writes. Also, the car will stimulate the fun senses of the driver, for example if he shows the evaluation phenomena.

Intended for wheelchair users

The 2.5 m long, 1.3 m wide and 1.5 m high concept-i ride is intended for two people whose seats are varied, so that wheelchair users can be more comfortable. The aeriors should also open plenty of space and help the wheelchair to comfortably stow away. The car is directed, accelerated and braked the car with a joystick.

On the electric scooter concept-i walk take the drivers as in the segway while standing. However, toyotas roller has a bike more and is not controlled as the segway by weight shift, but with a joystick.