Deprude by monitoring cameras and connection data

The police believe in the trail of the "masterminds" being to be, the successes of the british police also drove to demands for more monitoring in germany

The european justice and ministers of interior decided yesterday at the special session convened by her colleague charles clarke to adopt a decision in autumn, according to the translating and localization data, which are incurred in telephone, mobile and internet use, may at least six months, maybe but also for years to save. The successes of the british police, via monitoring cameras and stored connection data to have found the muteaffective tatters of london connection and one of their behind manners, are now exploited to enforce the long-planned monitoring measures. The eu commissioner franco frattini also took this as the reason to ride the member standards, which have not yet implemented the previously decided measures. However, the eu parliament had pronounced against storage of the connection data, which will cost significant costs in a high number of billion euros.

It was, according to charles clarke accusingly before the eu parliament, just "a human right to drive in the subway in london on a thursday morning, without being torn from a bomb". Of course, clarke is also a clarke that the risk is still weakening to become victims of a terrorist attack, considering other risks, for example to become a victim of a traffic accident on the way to work. And the question is also whether a year long storage of the telephone and internet data of all people who live in the eu could prevent a stop, even if such can be easily clarified after his execution, and of course the tatters will be organized differently if this is a big role in suicide wastes, which occur only once as a tatter.

Deprude by monitoring cameras and connection data

On the trail of the inspirable tatter, the police came through a missing message of the parents of hasib hussain, found by which documents were found in the double-decker bus. Probably because he is brite of pakistanic origin, it was sought after pictures of him, who also found themselves at a surveillance camera of the station king’s cross. Here, the subways crossed the substrate and with those of how the mirror says the attennas wanted to burn a cross into the heart of london. After hussain was discovered on the pictures with three other young manners, all of which were outlined with backpacks, two other courageous attacks could also be identified based on their documents. Also, the fourth muteading tatter should now be identified as lindsey germaine, a jamaica born brit, which comes from aylesbury. With genanaloysen one will now determine whether the four are actually redirected in the striking itself and therefore must be considered as suicide wail.

Also helpful were pictures of luton’s surveillance cameras, a city between leeds and london, where the four friends came with a rental car from leeds and turned into the train to london. On the rental company you will rely on the car parked in luton near the station and found in the explosive, which should come from military sources, which was found in a house in leeds, from leeds. Oberdies was spotted on the pictures next to the four muteaffective attests, another suspicious of the platform, whose age and origin could fit into the profile.

The police speculates if there were other helpers. By no further stop was planned or planned. Explosive was given it for that. Thus, after the 33-year asdi el-nashar, an egyptian-derived lecturers for chemistry at the university of leeds is ominated, which is associated with the house in which one had found explosives. He has recently left the great britain and should have known some of the intentional attacks. He had taken the house two months ago from iraqis samir al ani, which is back in his homeland.

Meanwhile, the police believe how the british times reports to be gestable to a potential wire. The briton also of pakistani origin should have been 30 years old and in june with a ship in a british harbor to the country, but have left one day before the attack of greath britain. Supposedly this man, the mirror "terroral"named, already involved in other terrorist activities and have also confessed with al qaeda attachments in the usa. Is suspected that this man is preparing the attack, held in the house of asdi el-nasher and the attack dates has instructed into their dead tasks. Maybe he could have given last instruction still in luton. However, two of the four suspects were already in afghanistan and pakistan and could have learned there how to carry out with explosives connection.

On the special session, the british and the french ministers were in the hair after nicolas sarkozy claimed that some of the suspects had been arrested by the british police and therefore have no unknown (clean skins). Clarke stressed this. In fact, two of the suspects had noticed once of the police, but because of a disagreious behavior that has nothing to do with terrorism. The name of one of the suspects had previously emerged in the context of an anti-terror examination because his mobile phone number was found. But he was neither horrified nor arrested.

Now all telephone, mobile phone and internet connection data as well as the financial transactions of the muteaffective taders should be passed from the reconstruction of the contacts and movements on behind manners or other participants of the cell or to obtain evidence where they had the explosive.

Also in germany, especially cdu and csu politicians want to use the favor of the hour to enforce further monitoring measures (cdu makes mobile. In addition to the demand for a terrorist list for police and intelligence and the use of the militar inland, the storage of telecommunication data and the flat-screen facilities with monitoring cameras in a british style are in the foreground. Jorg schedbohm, the branburg interior minister, who is always fast with new security measures at hand, said the picture newspaper: "the rapid investigation success of the british police underlines the benefits of video monitoring. We need the extensive use of video cameras at the rule of law for public sites, railway farms, airport and other important areas." and in the competition, the bavarian minister of interior gunther beckstein also ares: "video cameras clearly increase security. Therefore, we need more video monitoring in foams and in dangerous places. And very important in the coming year: cameras at the burst, where the world cup games are transferred to coarse images." why this is just the "streak" should be where terrorists strike, will remain the secret of beckstein for the time being.