Daimler-procured protest against job outsourcing

Several thousand daimler-procured in the dusseldorfer sprinter plant have laid out of protest against potential job deletions for hours. They fledged that in the nrw plant to produce the coarse transporter with around 6,500 employees, up to 1800 jobs are eliminated and outsourced to the usa. According to ig metall, daimler plans another factory for the delivery of the north american market. The actions took place in the night of tuesday, at the breakfast morning and at lunchtime each for the different layers. According to ig metall, a total of around 3000 employees took part.

A daimler spokesman stressed that the dusseldorf location is not in question. Operating responsibilities are also excluded by the end of 2016. The fundamental decision on the production strategy of the sprinter will fall until the end of the year. Since the coarse transporter in north america are particularly well selling, musise of the group superior to how this market will be serviced accordingly accordingly, the speakers explained.

In bremen, on tuesday, took place after a supervisory board meeting, where it also went to the artistic strategy of the transporter division. In germany, daimler currently produces the coarse transporter in dusseldorf and ludwigsfelde. Sprinter works are also available in china, russia, argentina and the usa in ladson at charleston in the state of south carolina. There is already produced for the american market.

In the 2008 crisis, the duseldorf employees had accepted short-time work, after the ongoing of demand special layers drove and the weekends worked through, the ig declared metal. Now they were punished for their commitment. "The work was and is profitable," said the ig metall-bundesvize jorg hofmann, who is also a member of the supervisory board at daimler. He expects from the executive board to keep the work stable in the dusseldorfer plant. If the business leaders to be clarified, further actions soon followed, threatened the works council in the sprinter plant, thomas weilbier.

Support was also available by daimler’s total works council michael brecht. He demanded a secure perspective for the employees in the dusseldorfer sprinter plant. "The internationalization of the company must not take place on the jerking and harm of people who generate the funds for investment abroad," said brecht, who is also deputy chairman of the supervisory board at daimler. "Dusseldorf has to participate as the other locations on the company’s successful growth strategy."