Canadian court to huawei financial chef: fraud is also illegal in canada

Canadian court to Huawei Financial Chef: Fraud is also illegal in Canada

Huawei-finanzkefin meng wanzhou continues to threaten the delivery of canada to the united states. The manager had argued that the behavior accused by the united states is not punishable under canadian law, which is why a delivery was inadequate. Wanzhou was so victorious that she had already made cheers in the stages of the court building in vancouver at the weekend. But the bill was not on: fraud is also prohibited in canada.

This is the tenor of the decision of the province supreme court of the province of british columbia. The us is throwing wanzhou, to have made untrue to iran’s business of their group opposite four banks, to deal with the us trade embargo against iran. Canada does not support this trade embargo. But that does nothing to the court: kern of reproaches are deliberately false information against the banks, which is also banned in canada – not the motive for such fraud.

This will make the decision whether wanzhou is delivered even more long ago. The woman ares her innocence. She is the oldest daughter of huawei-grunder ren zhengfei. On the 1. December 2018 she had been arrested at the vancouver airport. After depositing a deposit, she was released with an electronic bottle. Since then she lives with her mother and private security service in two rough estates in vancouver.

Before it can be delivered, the court must examine the accusation of defendants that their rights had been disregarded in the arrest. Finally, the minister of justice must decide if the delivery to the united states "unfair or vacuum" were.

Prere from china

China ubt off strong prere on canada and calls for the juvenity of the woman in the people’s republic. Shortly after wanzhous arrest, two canadians in china were detained under the accusation of espionage, a former diplomat and a business man. In contrast to the huawei manager, they sit in a custody and have little access to law or family members. In the meantime, two more canadians in china were sentenced to death for tried drug smuggling.

In addition there are imports of imports for canadian goods such as pork and rapsol. The canadian government regularly points out the people’s republic of china that canadian dishes are independent. The government konne does not affect the judicial part of the delivery procedure.