Xcient fuel cell: hyundai sends the first heavy fuel cell truck to europe

Xcient Fuel Cell: Hyundai sends the first heavy fuel cell truck to Europe

Hyundai has shipped the first ten copies of his heavy fuel cell truck xcient fuel cell from sudkorea to europe. You should be able to leave the 1590 vehicles of this model from the joint venture hyundai hydrogen mobility transport and logistics company according to the principle pay by use by 2025. This means that customers can use the vehicles without start financing. The commercial use of the first vehicles should begin in september 2020.

The xcient fuel cell is the hyundai worldwide first in series produced heavy commercial vehicle with fuel cell electric drive. The nearly 10 meter long truck ride with highest tempo 85 km / h and has a 190 kw fuel cell system. Seven tanks offer a storage capacity of a total of 32.09 kg of hydrogen, a tank finishing should range for around 400 km. The refueling should take 8 to 20 minutes.

Hydrogen tank stations

For the gas station network, hyundai cooperates with the hydrogen specialist hydrospider. Was planned to yield the existing network to tank options for hydrogen. "Access to a flat-covered tank control network will reduce the concerns of the customers as far as reach and move them to take this environmentally friendly alternative to buying decision", explains hyundai. So far, hydro pipe operates according to own information a hydrogen tank station in hunzenschwil, six more are in planning.

Hyundai currently develops a towing vehicle with a range of 1000 km per tank finishing for television traffic. "The use is intended for the global market, including north america and europe", allowed hyundai. Hyundai hydrogen mobility is a 2019 founded joint venture with the swiss company h2 energy, which in turn is involved with alpiq to hydrospider.

Xcient Fuel Cell: Hyundai sends the first heavy fuel cell truck to Europe

Hyundais hydrogen concept for switzerland.

In order to reduce co2 emissions, total commercial vehicles are extracted with hydrogen, which is gained 100 percent of hydropower or other renewable energy sources. Switzerland has worldwide with the large proportion of hydropower at energy production. Another argument to make fuel cell trucks attractive in switzerland, lying in elimination of truck heavy traffic for emission-free commercial vehicles. As a result, the mileage costs of the fuel cell commercial vehicle were nearly those of a comparable diesel commercial vehicle. After the introduction of this manager in switzerland, hyundai plans to implement them in other european countries.