Vw boss this “disappointed” about german battery delivery

VW boss this'enttauscht' uber deutsche batteriefertigung'enttauscht' uber deutsche batteriefertigung

Volkswagen boss herbert this has again clearly criticized the german supplier industry for its waistening attitude to its own battery cell production. "I’m already a bit at the place", said the manager on friday at an online industry event of the trading sheet.

Growth with entry opportunity for suppliers

"We will have further dramatic growth in cell capacity", he said with reference to the existing batteries for electric cars in the coming years. "This is a chance again for the coarse german suppliers to enter there. Growth is not over, the growth starts now."

The german automakers are dependent on the batteries for electric cars depending on the above all of asian battery manufacturers, because in germany the development of more efficient batteries was no priority of the economy. Volkswagen currently moves its own battery cell production in salzgitter with the swedish partner northvolt, which vw is also involved. "We now invest billions in building a battery cell production with a swedish start-up – the goods of course much easier with competent partners from the german industry", said this. In china, vw has involved in the battery manufacturer gote high-tech.

"Germany was able to play a leading role"

The vw boss already rugs the german car suppliers long. These are largely back due to high investment expenditure and uncertain return on battery delivery. Continental, for example, only wants to enter into an entry for those who would probably be the next generation of solid cells in a few years. "Germany is a good research location for batteries", said this. "I think germany could play a leading role when we finally credented."