Trade fair industry hopes 2021 to recovery of the classic business

Trade fair industry hopes 2021 to recovery of the classic business

If markus geisenberger and martin buhl-wagner talk about 2021, then much of confidence is the speech. They are business drivers of the leipziger fair and pursuit of the descarnos corona year 2020 zurzuzu’s business fairs with personal meetings. "We humans are social beings. We want to experience personal in order to develop sympathy and confidence. Only in this way is cooperation" says buhl-wagner. He is convinced: "the pandemic shows the indispensability of prasenz fairs and congresses."

Audience fairs from april?

In the first three months of the new year, but still no one counts in the industry with public events. Only from the second quarter is going to start. In the fair calendar of the leipziger, the gross book fair stands out, which they have published extra from their ancestral appointment in marz in may. In any case, that’s the signal, it should give the books show this year – after being one of the first coarse measures for 2020, which was canceled because of corona.

Nationwide followed her more than 250 other tuned fairs, with no confesses and coarse events.

High fabrication bubes

"The corona pandemic has made the german exhibition industry 2020 in a barely imaginable exhaust", says jorn holtmeier, business administration of the industry association auma. "About 70 percent planned international and regional trade fairs were canceled or moved to the next year." under normal circumstances, the industry generates sales of four billion euros. 2020 was achieved by holtmeier only about a quarter of it. In the new year will be better, even if the pre-crisis level of 2019 will remain unreachable.

The large trade fair companies, including the messe frankfurt, are in public ownership – they can set on financial support of their owners, ie land or municipalities. But what about all the jobs that hange at the trade fair shaft – the exhibition fans, the hotel and gastrobe, the taxi drivers and freight forwarders? Auma boss holtmeier expects the event of fairs in normal years to contribute 28 billion euros to economic performance. Of these, only about 6 billion is remained in 2020.

"The year was so devastating. That’s completely unattorn", says jan veal, business managers of the fachverband trade fair and exhibition construction (famab). Although the extracted gross bankrupt wave under the 5000 mostly middle-class trade fair construction companies have so far. "But this lives out of the fact that the bankruptcy obligation is exposed", says veal. For many companies, the look at the books at the balance sheet date 31. December a boses awaken.

Fair of corona help

Veal is also dissatisfied with the corona help of the federal government. They changed too often, and the november aid, for example, are so complicated and with exceptions that hardly arrive at the companies. "We always say: you can be almost glad that you do not have to deposit there." the ban on the association requires a fixed, fixed-cost-based help for companies, "instead of changing monthly programs, of which you do not know what will remain in the end". 2021 calculates veal only in the second half of the year with a revival of the business.

Especially on the second year’s gains also detlef knaack, boss of the fair caterer fairgourmet in leipzig. With 80 employees, he normally cumbers the food of congresses and events. Since april 2020 his cake and service advice are already in short. "We will definitely lose january, february and marz. You do not get that anymore. The cup of coffee will not be drunk again." the situation is no different with the competitors. "We do not share much else. But right now we all share the same suffering."

After the abrupt corona stop for the fairs in the previous year’s year, many organizers have tried to save their formats into digital or spater a hybrid trade fair such as the ifa. This has worked more and less well after theme. According to fair association auma, 40 percent of companies complain of large investment global industries, otherwise exhibiting trade fairs, because they lacked traditional platforms for business start-up and completion. Despite all the confidence: the path for the trade fair industry to the normality remains far. Leipzig’s exhibition chief martin buhl-wagner says he was glad to reach 2021 the half of the sales of the pre-crystal year 2019.