Short history of my world sales

Short history of my world sales

Photo: adrian pingstone. License: public domain

Everyone knows the coarse names of global reliefs, ferdinand magellan, james cook, or even phileas fogg – unknown: tom appleton, who, in contrast to the aforementioned, the globe has always circled much more often

It already started in childhood with combined railway, flight, and ship travel, between berlin and tehran, but then it came to the first rough world tour, from munchen to new zealand. Whether i prefer to travel with the ship or by train there? Asked me the nice lady in the travel bus directly behind the university. I, as always, set up to any bloding, decided on the option for the option "by train". After a long brilliant, the helpful person explained me after new zealand you can only with the flyer gang. I took note of regret and so booked a flight.

Visa for the overflow

The ignorance of the staff in this non-familiar travel agency in university had to warn me, but i was a bit naive himself. I have to leave in london, was avoided to me. And from a visa requirement for travelers to new zealand you had nothing in munchchen. So i booked a one-way flight from london – and there is a train map munchen-london. In london i had to wait for a week until the departure, then i danced in heathrow. There i was tried that i have on the purpose of the territory of the usa american visa needed.

So i back to london, back to my hosts who did not expect to see me again so soon. At the us embassy, it took a whole week with the visa, but after all, in the week i was able to start now. Since i also knew little about new zealand, i quickly bought the shell guide for new zealand at the airport. But that was something of boring that i never met over 3. Until my arrival in auckland i spellfully knew nothing about this country.

The flight with a machine of the pan am lasted about 48 hours. After a crossing of gronland, we made a stopover, in deepest night, somewhere in the midwest. To fully refuel the machine on an emergency gas station for the onward flight. Finally, we landed in honolulu. A total of seven or eight times, i still sat in the same small shabigic transit lounge, in which nothing was farther than a coke machine, but unfortunately only accepted american 25-cent munzes – which, of course, none of the passengers would have.

"It’s just not like home"

Then it went on to tahiti, and sometime just to auckland, in new zealand. All the time over had a nice english lady next to me her food, with the saying: "it’s just not like home." i did the favor, and feed her stuff even with. On my arrival i had certainly increased a few kilos. But i was completely overgrown and my ears refused, after landing "pop!" close. The customs officer i appeared like a long-haired hipster on drugs. In addition, i do not have a jerk ticket.

In the years that have passed since then, not only in honolulu, i put a sheer endless waiting loop, always with the same cola machine. I was in between and in addition to an hour or several hours in los angeles, athens, cairo, bombay, kuala lumpur, hong kong, singapore, dubai, abu dhabi, paris, frankfurt, vienna. Not even magellan or cook could record such a variety of destinations on their itineraries.

I’ve ever flew very honorably. In los angeles, the whole family once had to miss the onward flight, because i had stuck the travel font somewhere untraceable. (in a side pocket of my on-board bag, easy to find. But in the moment – not.To)

On the other part, such a flight break is highly recommended. The legs are reproduced, and then shuffled in the hotel. Also a hot shower is a pleasure. And last but not least, a session on the toilet. Also a pleasure.

Singapore and a flown aircraft roof

For this singapore is super suitable again. The small city state is letting themselves for a single day export. The hygienic efforts are consistent on all overall, so you can take something to any fressbude, without lying for days with a full-grown intestinal flu. And finally sleep in the temperature-controlled hotel room even relaxing and can restore the broken flight the next day.

My father-in-law, or more precisely, the father of my in-lawson, held the prospect of a luxury hotel room even in a difficult situation still at the rod. Shortly after the start of singapore, the flyer flew half the roof of it, and the machine had to reverse, while the passengers in the massive wind of the scalp was massively massed. Restored, there were already the tv teams, and they recognized the powerful easter, who seemed to leave the rest as an ideal survey object. "We have just experienced a serious infringement, for gluck without human victims," did the alter sir, even in english, left the microphone, "and we are all looking forward to a peaceful day at the hotel, so we can continue to continue our flight to new zealand again, fresh and good things."

My own singapore experience was more trivial. After a vast hiking day i came back to the hotel and it succeeded after a cold beer. "Happy hour", told me the barman, and put two bottles before – for the price of one. I bleeded both and went out, sat down a little in the sunshine until i noticed that i was still thirsty. I returned to the bar, and it was still happy hour. Also these two beers – two times tiger beer – i shook into me, then i took the suitcase and took the bus to the airport. In the plane i sat down and slept up to athens.