Scrapping bonus: data (protection) glitches with online reservations

The new online reservation procedure that started this monday at eight o’clock "ump new" for the scrapping bonus for old cars, officially christened the environment, is now developing into a data protection disaster for the executing bodies after an it disaster. Our site has an increasing number of evidence that the competent authority, the federal office for economics and export control (bafa), did not send reply e-mails with personal and vehicle-related data to the original applicant, but to other people, who also want to apply for scrapping bonuses.

In detail, this means for those affected: one applicant "mr. Meier" after successfully completing the procedure made difficult by the overloaded website of the authorities, he receives an email from bafa with a pdf attached. However, this document does not contain the confirmation for your own reservation, but data from another applicant. Now experience involuntarily "mr. Meier", that one "mrs. Muller" also wants to collect a scrapping premium in another corner of the republic. It is called their residential and e-mail address, type information including a vehicle number of the old car as well as vehicle type and pollutant class of the ordered new vehicle.

It is unclear how many confirmations have been sent to an incorrect addressee so far. Based on the editing numbers assigned, it is to be amed that in the course of today’s monday at least a few thousand persons has been able to handle their online reservation, even if they had to spend several hours due to the onslaught on the website for several hours. So far, there is no indication that reservations were only sent wrong in pairs (meier / muller muller / meier). Some readers of our site report that the same process number has apparently been assigned at least two different applicants.

An explanation of the authority to the privacy breakdown is still out. So far it is also not known how many applicants are affected and whether the cause of the error has now been identified and rectified.

That the authority has an external body with the online reservation of the "ump new" has commissioned, goes out on the evening of the 30th. Marz ied a press release in which bafa regrets that applicants have tried for hours and sometimes unsuccessfully to request a reservation. The authority calls for it "network technology" reasons. There is no explanation for the data breaches.

The switch from the written to an online procedure was only a week before the deadline of 30. March was decided. Since the environmental bonus is initially based on the motto "first come first serve" to the first 600.000 applicants had to be awarded, according to the information at the time, the authority needed a procedure that would determine the order in which the applications were received "to the second" should hold on. According to bafa, internet nodes may have misinterpreted the sudden rush to the new website as a denial-of-service (dos) attack and blocked the transfer of data.

Automobile clubs had massively criticized the new process even before it was launched. The adac complained about a disadvantage for residents without dsl access or with a lack of internet knowledge. The automobilclub europa (ace) even had the online procedure as a "illegal" disgusted. According to volker lempp, chief lawyer of the ace, entire groups of the population were arbitrarily excluded from the benefit without any objective justification. This unequal treatment is also not eliminated if, for example, car clubs or car dealers submit applications on behalf of their customers. It could seriously make no difference in which written form the applications with the necessary attachments are received, whether by letter, fax or even online. In the meantime, bafa had estimated the proportion of invalid applications in the original application process by post to be just four percent.