Rustable track warning system

Rustable track warning system

Dreieich / lutjensee, 15. May 2007 – mudeness at long trips is a cause for many inflates on german highways. But not only lack of sleep, also distraction by mobile phones, navigation gates and mp3 players play a role. The decrease driver assistance system albrecht fas 100 from alan electronics makes the driver drawn attention to the driver with a warning sound on the overriding side or medium strips. The loudly of the warning tone can be set in four stages. So that the sound does not exclude every lane change, the device can be coupled to the turn signal sensor. A similar system is offered in new vehicles from citroen under the name afil track assistant. This system is based on an infrared camera and costs 610 euros in the model c4. Here the warning takes over a vibration in the driver’s seat.

Blackbox for clarifying the accident

In addition, the fas 100 offers a black box function, as it is known from aircraft: a camera automatically records the last twelve seconds before and six seconds after an accident. In addition, the device determines speeds and position data via gps. The data thus obtained can also provide evidence in legal ambiguities, the manufacturer. Another additional function ensures that a signal is drawn when the distance to the front vehicle increases. This should prevent the driver from losing the connection or removing the traffic. This depends mainly during urgent city traffic, in the traffic jam on the highway and at waits at grenzubergangen or driving jets. The reverse function – a warning at too little distance – is planned for the next version of the gerat.

Only two parts

The fas 100 consists of two parts: the camera is attached to the windshield, attached to the control panel using a magnet on the dashboard. Whether the camera is based on citroen on infrared technology, was not to be found until the editorial deadline for this article. The price for the fas 100 is 699 euros.