Opels saving contribution

Opels saving contribution

Russelsheim 7. August 2013 – with the 1.0 sidi now appears opel’s first small aggregate in the course of the rough renewal. He sparks with modern downsizing through direct injection and turbocharging without being complicated in excessive. Suitable for the coming small engine class a six-speed manual transmission was presented.

After opel in 1997 with the 1.0 ecotec suction motor with 54 to 60 hp in corsa was a pioneer in terms of efficiency, this unit has not been ordered since 2009. The small three-cylinder was finally surprised with the growing mass of the former small car corsa. Initially, he brought the approximately a tonne of heavy corsa b, but it is still worthy, but adequately sparingly and comfortable in swing and highlighted with a now not self-reliable multipoint injection, four-valve technology and hydrostobs yet in this class. In view of increased use of performance and efficiency, a completely newly constructed successor appears.

Performance of the process doubles

The 1.0 sidi (spark ignition direct injection) is to be introduced in the opel adam next year. This is not a minute to early in the face of the motors from the day before yesterday in a car with so high consignment claim. Currilitations like the tension band bleau of the process planned by the renowned engine developer fritz indra can no longer be found, but a balancing shaft and – much more important – current downsizing technologies. Father, after its role model, another three to four-cylindrical motors up to 1.6 liters should arise.

With 85 kw / 115 hp almost twice as powerful as its equal process he delivers 166 nm torque, the 1.0 ecotec last only 88 nm at 3800 / min. Typical for a three-cylinder, he supplies it over a wide speed band. At 1.0 sidi is enough from 1800 to 4700 / min. Opel promises, it is 20 percent more economical than its own, current 1.6-liter suction gasoline. For comparison: the same small "ecoboost" three-cylinder from ford makes a maximum of 125 hp and 170 nm. In these power values, it is necessary to suspect that the new engine is not only replaced in adam and corsa the 1,2- and 1.4-liter variants, but as an entry-level motorization also comes into question for the astra, not only instead of obsolete 1 , 6-liter suction motor but also for the 1.4-liter turbo with 120 hp. And then there is still the insignia, which is missing a reasonably small entry, because it is minimal with the 1.4-liter turbomotor from 140 hp. Why not, for the upcoming mercedes-c-class and the next ford mondeo, three-cylinders also apply as an entry-level motorization as set.