Notebook boom: hp and dell increase sales again

Notebook boom: HP and Dell increase sales again

The computer providers hp and dell continue to benefit from the notebook boom in the corona pandemic. In particular, consumers for growth ensure.

Hp sold around one-third more notebooks over the past quarter, while the sales of desktop pcs were absorbed by 23 percent year-on-year. With this oppositer development, dell sold a total of 15 percent more devices. Sales of the pc division improved by seven percent to $ 10.6 billion, about 8.7 billion euros. The consumer business grew by 34 percent – but hp made six percent less sales with corporate customers.

Even stronger was the trend in the printer business of hp. The consumer business increased by 55 percent, but the unemployed was the eleven percent by eleven percent. The division increased sales at a total of seven percent on five billion dollars, as hp announced after us borsen’s deadline on thursday.

In the pandemic, many consumers and companies also buy new notebooks and other computer technology to better work or learn from home. At the same time, the industry is preparing the scarcity of semiconductor components just problems.

More notebook sales

Dell is committed to that the corona crisis is permanently responsible for the market. The world in which you can do things from everywhere, will remain, stressed the company. One consequence of this is that the number of pcs are increasing in households. The industry also benefits that notebooks were replaced faster than desktop computer.

Dells pc division increased quarterly sales by 17 percent to around 13.8 billion dollars. The company’s corporation increased by 16 percent to $ 9.9 billion and the elderly from selling consumers by 19 percent to 3.8 billion dollars.

In total, dell increased sales in the business quarter completed at the end of january by nine percent to a good 26 billion dollars. The profit jumped from 540 million to $ 1.57 billion.

At hp, one of the successors of the computer pioneer hewlett-packard, consolidated sales increased by seven percent to 15.6 billion dollars in the business quarter, which was also completed by the end of january. The profit increased by a good 57 percent to almost 1.1 billion dollars.