Limotive supplies batteries for the fiat 500ev

The german-korean company limotive has informed today that it will supply fiat with lithium-ion batteries for the electric car fiat 500ev. Since marz is known that the electric­version of the small car from 2012 to the us market should be produced. The development of drive technology as well as the total­vehicle takes place in the company headquarters of the chrysler group in auburn hills, michigan. The price and further details of the fiat 500ev are announced at a later date.

Limotive, a joint venture of the companies samsung sdi and bosch, wants with the rough­serial­production of battery cells 2011 start. As a first customer, limotive was able to present bmw in august 2009. There the battery technology is to be used in the so-called megacity vehicle.

Limotive wants to establish itself as a leading supplier worldwide as a fleeting supplier for cell and battery systems. The company calculates in 2020 with around three million electric cars and plug-in hybrids as well as six million hybrid vehicles with around 100 million newly produced vehicles. As an advantage for itself, the joint venture complains, among other things, its global prasence and the ability to deliver on time. The battery pack is developed in orion, michigan / usa. The production of the cells takes place in the new plant of sb limotive in korea, the assembly of the packs in springboro, ohio / usa.

With regard to the battery costs, limotive is optimistic. By 2015, the company presents a price of 350 euros per kwh, which is about a purchase price of 12.000 euro for a 35 kwh battery. Such a copy cradle today about 350 kg and fulle with a volume of 350 liters a trunk. With the improvement of energy density is a reduction of these values to the half possible.