Lightning and thunder

Lightning and thunder

Stuttgart, 22. December 2013 – 100 years ago, on 22. December 1913, the british racer lydston granville hornsted drove two world records with a benz 200 hp on the racetrack of brooklands at london. With a modified variant of the already then legendary "flash benz" he reached cuts from 113.8 km / h for half mile (804.67 meters) and 118.8 km / h for one kilometer, each with a standing start.

The benz 200-ps race cars have become known mainly in the us 1910 to 1913 in the us as "lightning benz". Victor hemery drove with the first benz 200 hp in november 1909 a world record with average speeds of 202.648 km / h on the kilometer distance and 205.666 km / h on half the mile, each with flying start.

Four funfliter buckets in the lightweight chassis

The terraced cylinder of the world record carriage was huge: the 200 hp he shovled with a lengthy 1600 / min in some of the armel, but produced very considerable 875 nm torque – no wonder at 21.504 cubic centimeters displacement. Despite the tractor-like speed level, the engine was already equipped with hanging valves, it is bonded via a side camshaft. Little surprising with so coarse cylinders is a double delivery, which was supplied by bosch. Lightweight construction was apparently already a topic: despite the 407 kilogram of heavy engine weighed the ready-to-use benz just 1200 kilograms. The power transmission was carried out via a four-speed transmission with differential via chains to the rear.

Hornsted’s record car is the third of a total of six benz 200 hp. With the 1912 built vehicle fritz erle wins the mountain races in gaillon and limonest (france). The english racer hornsted, at the time as a repramette ant for benz cie. In england tatig, buys his benz 200 hp in 1913, to focus on his early successes on venous benz race cars. He will leave a modified cooler mask, attachable wind deflector and technical modifications, among other things a longest exhaust.

Werkstuning on customer request

Already on the 14th. January he represents with his new benz world record over 2 miles (122.05 mph, 196.38 km / h) and 5 miles (116.08 mph, 186.77 km / h) with flying start. Fifs months later, on 24. June 1914, ride hornsted in brooklands 1 mile with 124.12 mph (199.71 km / h). This is the first record after the new two-way result, as average­speed of two run in opposite directions – and at the same time the fastest speed measured in brooklands at all in brooklands. In july, hornsted achieved with the famous vehicle at the mileage in ostend, belgium, the best time of racing cars with 189.5 km / h.

In 1914, the record car returns to the test department of benz cie. After mannheim back. After the end of the war, one mounted at benz a new, soft bodywork. The vehicle starts in 1921 at the open race of the avus in berlin and 1922 at the mileage in scheveningen in the netherlands. In july 1922, the car goes back to brooklands, where he with h. V. Barlow at the wheel successfully denies some races. On the 30th. September 1922 the car is almost completely destroyed in an accident.

From 1909 to 1913, six benz 200 hp arose, three survived until today. The speed world record of the first specimen was for fun – from 1909 to 1924.