Interstellar komet 2i – borisov: no star to the sun from passage to sun

The interstellar komet 2i / borisov has never been pushed by a different star on the sun on the sun, and more originating than everything we had to observe so far. This is one of the results of the extensive analysis of the superhumplation only second known interstellar visitor of our solar system, which had been discovered in august 2019. Accordingly, he has apparently emerged in a gas and dust cloud. As it is at the beginning of the solar system and then it was probably left, without a possible star there only. He is even more original than hale-bopp.

Jerks on the field of origin

2i / borisov was on the 30th. August 2019 by the russian astronomer gennady borisov had been discovered, little euturbally hyperbolic railway had undoubtedly as a visitor who did not come from the solar system. He was named as a second object after that nomenclature, which had been introduced for’oumuamua. When he met the sun, the less than two kilometers of gross comet formed a gigantic tail of around 160.000 kilometers. According to the investigations presented in the trade magazine nature astronomy, that had never happened before that since its emergence has never happened before.

(source: esa / space engine (spaceengine.Org) / l. Calcada. Music: johan b. Monell)

For their investigation, the research team has investigated the polarization of light, among other things, the research team, among other things, the research team has investigated the polarization of the licht, which the comet has reflected. They found properties that differ from those of the comets of the solar system, explain them – but with one exception. So they would like to fit well with the quantities of the comet hale-bopp, which had taken care of the end of the 1990s for attention. In which they had amed that he had flown only once at our home star in front of the most watched passage around the sun. Only 2i / borisov is now more original and have borne unsolicited signatures from that origin.

Interstellar Komet 2i-Borisov: No Star nearby passage around the sun

So 2i / borisov have looked like.

The researchers and researchers have found in the dust of the comet, among other things, compact pebbles of more than a millimeter. The relative amounts of the stewed carbon monoxide and water had been so cribged during his flight that they believe that the comet consists of materials he has collected in different places of the planetary system in which it was created. They even suspect that they can conclude from the existence of a giant planet there. Now they hope to get a better opportunity for this decade to examine such an interstellar visitor.