How to use ios correctly in the company: our live webinar shows it

How to use iOS correctly in the company: Our live webinar shows it

Apple is increasingly expanding the management of iphones and ipads in companies: ios 14 brings important innovations around the apple business manager as well as many improvements in terms of mobile device management systems (mdm) and thus the company’s enterprise.

Iphones and ipads in the company

In the live webinar of mac i, mark zimmermann, specialist and specialist for mobile solutions, the establishment, connection and use of iphones and ipads in conjunction with mdm systems and the different administrative types.

It is about the central configuration, administration and inventory of company-specific advantages, but also the possibilities for involving private iphones and ipads of employees (bring your own device – byod). On the agenda, the only organizations only facilitate a shared use of ipads ("shared ipad", "shared ipad") and the topic "managed apple ids".

The topics of the device enrollment programs (dep) are included for the automatic registration of ios advocates at the mdm system as well as purchasing and providing apps for enterprise use with the volume purchase program (vpp). Bonus: a mdm rollout deep dive and why this with the question of "backups from ios-advised" play together. Also a view of ios 15 and ipados 15 is on the program.

90-minute webinar with qa

The ca. 90-mine live webinar is moderated by mac i-editor-in-chief stephan ehrmann, it is aimed at system and network administrators as well as it managers in companies.

The webinar finds on 21. July 2021 – so in exactly one week – instead, the beginning is at 10:00. A ticket costs 119 euros (incl. Vat.To).

The program also includes live demos, the speaker will answer questions from participants who have an input field in the webinar platform. Afterwards, a video recording of the event will be provided.