Heating networking: new investments and cooperations for tado

Heating networking: new investments and cooperations for Tado

Tado, a provider of smart heating corportermostats, has received $ 46 million (38 million euros) in a new round of financing. Among the international investors, among other things, the energy company eon, siemens and amazon. As a further partner, the hamburg noventic group also participates in tado.

Through the partnership with the noventic group tado, tado liked his market position strong and new market, stresses tado in a message. The capital should be used for the development of new technologies for sustainable heat generation. For around 40 percent of the total energy consumption in germany, the building sector is responsible. Tado might digitize the rough majority of buildings in this new market segment and the background of the european climate goals.

The smart heating corner thermostats of tado connect heaters and air conditioners with the internet. The smartphone app recognizes as soon as the inhabitants leave the home or met this again and regulates the heater or air conditioning accordingly. Thus, energy waste should be avoided in the absence.