Handheld console: nintendo finished production of the 3ds

Handheld console: Nintendo finished production of the 3DS

Nintendo ended the production of the 3ds family. The handheld consoles are no longer produced, write the japanese on their website. The production stop concerns all variants of the 3ds family, including the 2ds ies. With some handlers, remainder can be bought.

The first version of the 3ds handheld came in 2011 to the store. With its stereoscopic 3d effects, he wanted to delight players. Over the years, new 3ds versions were repeatedly in the trade – including catching without 3d effects, called nintendo 2ds. Hardware revisions were added with the name "new" provided – for example "new 3ds" and "new 3ds xl".

Supply from the switch

The last new version of the 3ds was launched in 2017 as new nintendo 2ds xl. Since then it was quiet around nintendos handheld series. Nintendo has not yet explored a successor – whether a pure handheld console is still fitting in the nintendo strategy, is questionable.

When the 3ds was on the market, nintendo offered the wii and shortly thereafter with the wii u still static tv consoles. With the nintendo switch, the company has brought both concepts under a hat: the switch can be connected to a tv, but also be used separately on the way. In addition, nintendo with the switch lite also offers a pure mobile variant. After the 3ds off, the switch is the only game console that is still produced by nintendo.

Switch successor in work?

The enormous success of the switch represents the 3ds models in the shadows for years. Lastly, the sales figures of handheld consoles continued to break, while the switch has been sold since its release in 2017 over 60 million times. Currently, nintendo is reporting to a new version of the switch.

The new switch should offer a higher resolution than the current model that can output 720p on your own display and on the tv 1080p. Nintendo has not yet confirmed the production of a successor.