Driving report smart forfour electric drive

Driving report smart forfour electric drive

Smart also leads the funfturer forfour as version electric drive. With a market import in germany, we expect the geneva automotive salon in marz. It is the same electric drive train as installed in the currently fourth generation of the fortwo ed. The smart-ed drive makes 60 kw and offers 160 nm torque. The speed is electronically controlled at 130 km / h.

Even the speed limit on the directional speed shows that (also the funfturige smart should be used only in exceptional cases for long motorway and uberlandfahrten. He too is a pure city tool. No more power or torque needs more power or torque for this.

Enough for the city

It was also clear to everyone that such a smart has no special range ambitions. It’s finally a pure city car. For this, the 150 km, which specifies smart, are sufficient. Consumption in the nefz is 13.1 kwh to 100 km. In any case, the carpentery 22 kw fast load set is recommended with which you can charge the smart forfour ed in 45 minutes from zero to 80 percent.

Supplement to the fortwo

The forfour, which is the same as a combustion version identical to the renault twingo, has the advantage in exceptional attacks two persons more or even relatively bulky things to transport. Nevertheless, he has remained pleasingly short at 3.50 m long. Some customers need a little more space than in the fortwo or have already come in the embarrassment, only one of two friends or colleagues can take. For these people, the forfour is the welcome alternative to the fortwo. Anyone who expects furlistic space in the fund has just as little understood as the completely un-smarte who wants to go to the left motorway track with forfour or forfour. The place is enough for short distance, the excellent maneuverability remains largely (turning circle forfour: 8.65 meters) and the park suitability is not difficult for the mobs.