Countdown for military strike against assad regime

Meanwhile, it seems to be clear that the us and france will export a military slope despite all concerns

After the british government will no longer participate in the planned penalization against the assad regime after the parliament’s decision, the coalition of the willing is very shrunk. Only saudi arabia and turkey have so far behind the action, but above all france, where the socialist prasident holland does not even have to question parliament. Us prassident obama seems to be charged, regardless of the result of un inspection and also without a un mandate a short military bombing of goals of the assad regime. In the woman’s house obviously one obviously a face loss and says, as a superpower also intervene alone. Nato general secretar rasmussen stated yesterday that nato is not available.

Countdown for military strike against Assad regime

Us prasident obama discusses on 30. August the location in syria in the wife house. Image: weibe’s house

In order to demonstrate the will, the woman haus published a message about the yesterday’s conversation between hollande and obama. The prasides are in agreement, "that the international community must not tolerate the use of chemical weapons, the regime to pay responsibility and send a hard message that the use of chemical weapons is unacceptable". It is interesting that france and the usa, still under bush in clinch, are jerking together and claiming for himself "international community" to represent.

Is expected that a bombing of syrian goals, which should be supported at the same time the uptownings, is already taking place on sunday, at least before wednesday, so before the g20 summit taking place in russia. The un inspectors have completed their work on friday and today leave syria. They will report on sunday the un general secretar ban ki-moon, but an analysis of the samples was allowed to be a long. Your order was not anyway, the responsible persons for the poison gas attack of 21. August to determine, since russia was, but only if such a thing has happened.

Yesterday, us-augemister kerry has made it clear in a speech that the us government emanates from a responsibility of the assad regime and has evidence of what the british intelligence services did not want to say so certainly. Parallel passages of a secret service report, the whole one was presented only to the deputy to protect sources and methods. Kerry fugged that the secret services after the "iraq experience" be particularly carefully, knowing that hardly anyone’s reports of us intelligence agencies for bare munze stop. Kerry, that kerry, that the assad regime surveys on many chemical weapons that it already was to use them, and that it was frustrated to not control the suburbs of damascus. The regime has prepared for the attack:

We know where the missiles were shot down at what time. We know where to hit and at what time. We know that the rockets came only from regimes controlled areas and only included in areas that were controlled or conflicted by the opposition.

You also know from publicly access information that it was a poison gas attack and that at least 1429 people, including more than 400 children, died. From a covered conversation, one knows that a high employee of the ministry of defense have confirmed that the attack from the syrian regime has amed, he has glamored his concern that this became known. The regime continued to bombard the place to the arrival of un inspectors to destroy evidence.

Kerry pointed out that the international community has decided 100 years ago., to ban chemical weapons and the world of the "worst weapons" to clean. Despite invalidity, the us has continued to have nuclear weapons and do not want to destroy it, kerry did not mention. He said, however, that the chamiligence of the usa on the game hour when not traded after the red line is exceeded. Other countries have been closely watching how the us are acting, especially iran and north korea, but also the hezbollah. The use of chemical weapons violates "our role in the world and our interests in the world", kerry said to represent the us, which as the only country nuclear weapons, as a land of values:

So it is profoundly about who we are. We are the united states of america. We are the country that has tried, not always successfully, but always tried to honor a set of universal values around which we have organized our lives and our aspirations.

Because russia block the security council, obama will ensure in consultation with the allies, congress and the people, "that the us, based on our values and interests, meet their own decisions in our own deadlines", even if you are now warmouse. There were only a temporary attack, ground forces are excluded. Yesterday, yesterday, prasident obama, but who is more expensive as kerry and ared that no decision was made, which was probably not voiced. It was all about to find that many allies to find to justify the attack that should be carried out on behalf of the international community. What the militar strike should cause, apart from the fact that it is a punishment, do not do it in the woman’s house. Kerry just said that ultimately a political solution must be found, which you also seek.

France is like kerry, the "oldest allied" the usa. The french refuse to involve their country in a military lift. With a survey that was still carried out before the exit of the great britain, 64 percent refused to participate. Many were in front of the military intervention in libya.