Charter electric car: root cause search

Charter electric car: root cause search

No million. "So, as it looks at the moment, we will not achieve this goal," says chancellor angela merkel, and meant the inventory number of electric cars in 2020. So what? We do not live in a planned economy. Nevertheless, according to the causes – product range, price, infrastructure – and according to guilty. Quickly is shown on the car dealer and the sellers: there, there are no interest in bringing something other than gasoline and diesel to the customer, because that works. What’s on this thesis, it is the truth or a mar? Because useful scientific investigations are missing, the author decreases at this point in the ego-form. I would like to report samples and impressions, of our own experiences and crafts.

Well-known reproach

Novely, the action is not, the handlers were either active the sale of battery electric cars and plug-in hybrids to prevent or at least at least by omitting. A rough car newspaper sent me in 2013 to opel handlers to berlin, braunschweig and hamburg. At all three locations, the conditions for ampera, first generation, optimal: centrally located in the showroom was the ampera, i was competent and unsolicited advised, and no seller doubt a doubt that this car is really very, very good goods. With this result of the mystery shopping i came back to the editors. For the claim that ampera did not get in motion because he was not touted too little, there was no document.

And today? From background phones and various meetings with car dealers, there is a differentiated picture. Of course, it is helpful if there is a personal enthusiasm for the e-mobitat. But the business conditions have to be votes. By jurgen sangl, both are the case. It is known in the scene of the battery fans as a positive example. Sangl sells theoretically hyundais from the i10 to tucson. Practically, about 60 percent of its new cars are reluctant to the ioniq electric. Two weeks ago he has the 200. Brought to the strain this year. Sangl does not take a leaf in front of his mouth, talked about "stone age" when he says the internal combustion engine, and colleagues who did not recognize the signs of time.

Merit or loss?

It becomes clear at the same time that hyundai offers a reasonable basis. The facts pay at least as much as the feelings. So the margin per e-vehicle, unlike other manufacturers, is as high as in traditional vehicles. There is no difference and thus no disadvantage. Although jurgen sangl has taken money for three wallboxes, but he preserves a investment program of hyundai. The cost of corporate identity in the showroom and employee training remain. Both are relatively favorable in the korean manufacturer. In the sales halls one operates such or so no rough bohei. And the employees must hardly have to be further developed in addition – that’s because all hyundai handlers have to take the ioniq as a hybrid and therefore get a high-volume experiment anyway. A multiply for the version electric is therefore negligible.

A special situation that is not transferable. Based on the cost factors margin, corporate identity and workshop remedy, it is easy to understand that battery electric cars and plug-in hybrids can be quite unattractive for trade. For some brands, for example, the margin on the electric vehicles is lower, from ten instead of 15 percent is the speech. This circumstance steadily evaporates the euphoria at the handlers.

I have no numbers to bmw. Nevertheless, it is a plausible speculation that the effort for the so-called product genius (specializing in the i-series, ipad etc.) high than a usual car salesman. However, this does not lead to low sales figures – the bmw i3 continues to go to the topsellers among the streams, though the gross residue price is easily over 40.000 euro can be driven. A proof of sales impairment is therefore not available, on the contrary.

Too many wradies, too few products

Overall, the impression is that it is too easy to make trading as a culprit for low payments or even the failed one-million target of the federal government. The middle-class companies do not act in the airplier room. Even a goodwill car trade must earn money. He can not ignore if the gain is high for vehicles with internal combustion engine.

The fact that the market for battery electric cars and plug-in hybrids is very small despite highly decreased growth rates overall, in my view, is not first at the handlers or sellers. "I wanted an e-gulf and got a tdi"? A smell, more not. What is missing, is not or hardly the infrastructure that is currently experiencing a stark upswing. It is the lack of attractive products that reduces the market share to a minimum.

Anyone who deliberately decides to driving with charging plugs has only a handful of different cars to choose from – an effect that stimulates when it’s definitely a battery electric car to be. Here is too little. Auber at the writing. Opel ampera-e? Maybe 2018. Tesla model 3? Wait and retreat. Nissan leaf ii? Not before christmas. What helps is frustration tolerance, and a lot of it.