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Frankfurt / geneva 5. Marz 2014 – if in a press release of "genie and madness" is the speech, you should be on the hat. However, the abarth 695 biposto is difficult for us: the reinterpretation of the procedure presented exactly 50 years ago in geneva is so uncompromising that this strong statement can hardly have any hands out. More: you dream into this car and introduces itself, you could own one. What i said? Stay on the hat!

Fiat grabbed a 500, probably even before installing such important components such as drive and chassis, also the interior away and built a few things from weight losses. Among other things, the rear seats, which explains the name supplement "biposto", the xenon and fog lights, the air conditioning, the front windows and the radio. Of this, the radio was replaced by a digital renal data recording of mxl and the front side windows by solid window made of polycarbonate with sliding flakes, probably to be able to stand out the documents the documents.

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Because the car was not only relieved, but also very, very fast: the abarth should be with a 190 hp strong, 1.4 t-jet motor and a total weight of 997 kilograms in 5.9 seconds from booth 100 km / h. According to fiat, he offers the best ratio of weight and performance in its category. In order to bring this power to the slopes without rowing over the front wheel, an automatic differential brake is used. As an outdoor radical accessory, in addition to the funfgang transmission, a sequential motorsal sports gear is to choose, the lightning fast change change without coupling. Why this selection?